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How To Make Milk-Based Coffees & Create Latté Art

How To Make Milk-Based Coffees & Create Latté Art
Get creative with your coffee!

This video from the experts at De'Longhi will show you how to get perfect milk for your latte, or flat white.

This video also includes tips for how to create latte art, but don't worry if you can't do this on the first go - practice makes perfect! Scroll down for some extra tips for texturing milk.

Tips for Texturing Milk

This takes a while to perfect but we know you'll get there!

Use the milk jug provided with the machine to ensure optimum milk texturing, and only fill the jug to the bottom of the spout.

The steam wand is designed to texture thick milk or heat flatter creamy milk by moving the want adjustor up or down. This wand works differently to a typical steam wand as you need to sink it deeper into the milk. Typically sinking the end of the wand about 1cm into the milk will allow the milk to texture. You don’t need to move the jug too much, just let the wand do the work.

The wand will need cleaning regularly - and that's not just on the outside with a chux! The best way to clean the wand is to wrap a clean damp cloth around the end of the wand, and let the steam run for 20 seconds.

If you found this helpful, leave us a comment below. We're here to help via Live Chat down the bottom of the screen or send us an email at

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