Over the last two decades, a wave of coffee roasters across the globe, known as the Third Wave, redefined ideas about sourcing, roasting and brewing coffee. Abandoning old approaches, these pioneers saw coffee as a natural product with many possibilities, recognising that different varietals, growing conditions, processing methods and brewing techniques could each yield something distinctive in the final cup.

Inspired by this movement, brothers Steven and Trevor Simmons founded Industry Beans in Melbourne in 2010. Their vision was to roast high-quality specialty coffee in a carefully curated environment of transparency and accessibility, to offer the ultimate coffee experience to their community.

In 2013 they opened the first Industry Beans venue: an all-under-one roof coffee roastery and brew bar in Fitzroy, Melbourne. There, they won over coffee lovers and everyday brunch-goers alike, becoming internationally recognised for their innovative approaches to coffee roasting and commitment to creating unique hospitality experiences.

After ten years, Industry Beans has grown to now roast coffee and operate cafes in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Every Industry Beans venue is unique to its location and community, and share the same commitment to quality, transparency and accessibility upon which the business was founded.


We're excited to be offering coffee and brunch in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Each of our cafes offer immersive experiences for customers to engage with, whether they're ducking in for a take away or joining us for a multi course brunch - perhaps with an espresso martini, too.


Our seasonal brunch menus are an expression of creativity from our chefs, working closely with our roasters to create an immersive brunch experience. Each dish is carefully considered as part of a multi-course dining experience where sides, desserts and drinks can be enjoyed.


Industry Beans venues are home of the one and only Coffee Bubble cup. We first created the Original Bubble Cup in 2016, combining cold brew coffee with coffee-soaked tapioca pearls, and since then we've introduced a collection of delicious infused Bubble Cups.


We’re always looking for ways to make your café experience better, and we wanted an App that represented our service, flexibility and warmth … so, we decided to create the Industry Beans App, in 2018. Download and your first coffee's on us!


Each fortnight our roasting team curate a selection of single origin coffees roasted for espresso and filter alongside our signature and Seasonal blend to retail through our cafes, and online. Check out what's roasting now online.


Every Industry Beans venue has been designed with its local setting and community in mind, with coffee always in pride of place. We look for beautiful buildings, then apply minimal design with natural materials to create welcoming spaces.