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Where we started

We've been sourcing, roasting and brewing specialty coffee for over a decade

Industry Beans was founded by brothers Trevor and Steve Simmons. With the vision to create a truly immersive coffee and hospitality experience, they opened the original Industry Beans in Fitzroy in 2013 - a coffee roastery, cafe and brew bar all under one roof.

Starting out with only one venue, and two signature espresso blends, Industry Beans quickly made its mark on the Melbourne coffee scene, with a unique brunch menu, welcoming coffee offering and personal service.

Where We Are Now

After ten years, Industry Beans has grown

With seven venues across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, Industry Beans is Australia's largest independent specialty coffee roaster.

We design each of our cafes and roasteries with the local community in mind, meaning no two are the same. What is the same, is our consistently high quality coffee, innovative brunch menu and considered service.

Serviced by our local roasteries, we offer wholesale coffee supply in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, helping cafes and business serve great quality coffee to their communities, too.

We also support a growing and engaged collective of home coffee brewers, with our online store offering freshly roasted coffee, cold brew and equipment with free shipping around Australia.

What's Next?

We're more focused than ever on helping every person, business and workplace enjoy great coffee

From the baristas in our cafes to the coffee specialists on our phones, we're working hard to make it easier for people to brew high quality coffee, wherever they might be.

In our venues, you can speak with our baristas to find the right coffee for you - and if you're just getting started, we can help.

Many of our online commmnity are members of The Espresso Club™, which bundles up a coffee machine, coffee deliveries and on-demand training support to make cafe quality at home a reality.

Wherever you're at in your coffee journey, we'd love to help.

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