Espresso Blend Rose Street

$30 AUD

Rose Street is sourced and roasted to create a full-bodied and satisfying blend that is smooth and sweet black and has the strength and richness to cut through milk. The blend of choice in our Lt. Collins Espresso Bar in Melbourne CBD, Rose Street is designed for those that want the strength of traditional coffee flavour profiles whilst maintaining the quality of premium specialty coffee.

We source and roast each component to accentuate particular qualities and construct the blend’s flavour profile, making it perfect for anyone that likes a strong, easy-drinking espresso that cuts well through milk.


  • 25% Mzuri, Tanzania
  • 50% Fazenda California, Brazil
  • 25% Southern Highlands, PNG

Mzuri, Tanzania - This is a fantastic example of the high-quality specialty coffee being produced in Tanzania. We roast this coffee gently to soften its acidity and sweeten the red fruit qualities that it imparts on the blend, tying together the other components wonderfully.

Fazenda California, Brazil – This coffee has undergone a double fermentation process, where cherries are left to soak overnight in 8 degree spring water before being pulped, washed and very slowly dried on raised beds. We have roasted this coffee to contribute a sweetness and nuttiness to the blend.

Southern Highlands, PNG – This coffee was cultivated by smallholders in the Southern Highland Province, a lesser known producing region than Western and Eastern Highlands but with the same altitudes and fertile soil to produce high quality coffee. It brings forward fruit notes to the blend.


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