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Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

smooth - rich - strong
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How would you like your coffee?

Iced Coffee Recipe

Here's how to make a delicious iced coffee at home

30mL Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate
15mL sugar syrup, if desired
175mL milk of choice

Fill a cup with ice and add Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate, sugar syrup and your milk of choice. Stir and enjoy!

Espresso Martini Recipe

Mix up espresso martinis with just three ingredients

30mL Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate
30mL Mr Black Coffee Liquor
30mL Vodka or Gin

Pour all ingredients into a shaker with ice, shake hard! Double strain into a martini glass and top with your choice of garnish.

Why Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate?

Crafted to use in our cafes, bottled to enjoy at home

All Natural

All natural and shelf-stable, brewed
from just coffee and filtered water

Strong & Rich

Roast profile developed for
optimal cold brew extraction

Concentrated Brew

High flavour profile through
Pure Process™ extraction

Cafe Favourite

Quality tested and proven
through daily use in our cafes


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Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

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Sale price$19.00 AUD
Sale price$19.00 AUD
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