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The Espresso Club™

The ultimate home coffee subscription
From only $29 / Week

Join the Espresso Club™ and save

Start making café quality coffee at home with a premium De'Longhi espresso machine and fresh beans delivered to your door. After 12 months, you'll own your machine!

Cost per cup:

Build your Subscription

The Story

Why we created the Espresso Club™

With more people making coffee at home than ever before, we listened to our community and identified the need to remove the barrier to entry of purchasing an espresso machine outright, to get started making espresso at home.

We also found that our customers are spending upwards of $50 a week on coffee... so, we created the Industry Beans Espresso Club™ to package up everything you need to make the ultimate cup of coffee at home, with an easy-to-manage subscription from only $29 per week.

Introducing Your Espresso Club™ Bundle

Start making café quality coffee at home

From only $29 Per Week

Choose from two premium De'Longhi machines
Choose from two premium De'Longhi machines

The barista La Specialista Prestigio, or the automatic Magnifica Evo

Coffee Beans Delivered Every Month
Coffee Beans Delivered Every Month

Every four weeks, you'll receive a delivery of freshly roasted coffee to suit your household consumption

Membership Benefits
Membership Benefits

Access to video training sessions along with one-on-one troubleshooting and an official Espresso Club Welcome Pack.

Build your Subscription
How it works

Build Your Subscription

Use our easy subscription builder to choose from two De'Longhi machines (one manual, one automatic) and select the amount of coffee you'd like to receive each month. You'll need to complete a simple identify verification before checking out, then it's over to us to get you set up.

Receive Your First Delivery

We'll dispatch your Machine and Welcome Pack the next business day after your membership is confirmed. In your Welcome Pack, you'll receive your first delivery of coffee + a little extra to get started along with a knock box, reusable cup and - most importantly - our instructions on how to get going. Along with our online videos, you'll be making great coffee in less than a week!

Your First Year

You're up and running! Every week your weekly payment will charge to your card, and you'll receive a fresh delivery of coffee every four weeks. If you have any issues or questions, you have access to priority support from both Industry Beans and De'Longhi. At the end of your first year, you own your machine, and have the option to transition onto a coffee-only subscription from only $7 a week!

The best coffee for your machine

All Time Espresso Blend

We developed our All Time Espresso Blend specifically for these De'Longhi home espresso machines. It's sourced and roasted to deliver the perfect balance of flavour and strength, with tasting notes of rich chocolate and fruit sweetness.

Your machine has a built in grinder, allowing you to grind your coffee on-demand for absolute freshness and flavour.

We'll provide you with all the tools and knowledge you need to get the best out of your coffee, and if you need anything extra, we can send it out in your deliveries. As a member, you'll get 20% coffee and machine accessories!


The Espresso Club™

Join the Espresso Club™ from only $29 a week

We know there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ for coffee, so we'll ask you a few questions to find the best fit for you.


We’ve compiled some frequently asked questions (FAQs) specific to our subscriptions.

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