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Care for the environment around us

As we continue on our coffee journey, we are focused on pursuing the most sustainable ecosystem of technology, materials, practises and programs.

Our Approach

Conscious sustainabiliity across every level of our business


There are four key pillars to our sustainability program


We are committed to employing transparent and ethical sourcing policies to ensure a sustainable, quality coffee supply.


Our Loring roasters use up to 70% less fuel and have lower emissions than equivalent sized traditional drum coffee roasters.


We use Australia’s first 100% recyclable coffee packaging – the result of years of testing to find a solution which doesn't compromise quality or freshness.

Tree Planting

Our carbon offsetting program officially launches in Spring '23 and will see a tree planted in Australian regeneration forests for every equivalent 1000 cups of coffee we roast.

In our Cafes, we offer a 30c discount for any reusable cup - whether that be a mug, one of our own Frank Green reusables, or a tumbler for iced coffees. We recycle all our waste through local streams, including our coffee grounds which we are proud to send into community garden programs via the good team at Reground.

Sustainability in our Cafes

Reducing waste and promoting reusable options

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