Seasonal Espresso Blend

$34 AUD
Candied Lemon.
Milk Chocolate.
Hazelnut Cream.

Our seasonal blend gives us the exciting opportunity to create a coffee that reflects nature’s changes to our everyday surroundings.

This Autumn, we’ve sourced and roasted a warming blend perfectly suited to the cooling season around us. Bringing together two very unique coffees with different processing methods, the result is a balanced and syrupy cup with a gentle sweet aftertaste.

Autumn offers a mellow, chocolatey body with a sweet citrus acidity and creamy nutty notes, reflected in its tasting notes of candied lemon, milk chocolate and hazelnut cream. As a milk coffee, we're enjoying candied flavours with sweet aftertaste, and on its own it reveals dried fruits and nutty notes.

  • 50% Nziza, Rwanda
  • 50% Fazenda California, Brazil

Nziza, Rwanda - The Nziza Women's Collective is a community made up of over hundred self-supporting coffee farmers, brought together to empower each other, gain new skills and increase their income. It brings a balanced acidity and chocolatey, mellow body to the blend.

Fazenda California, Brazil - This coffee underwent the unique double fermentation, where cherries are left to soak overnight in 8 degree spring water before being pulped, washed and very slowly dried on raised beds. It brings a lovely complexity to the blend, with its citrus and nutty profile shining through.


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