Seasonal Espresso Blend

lemon slice.
earl grey.

Each season Industry Beans creates a unique seasonal espresso blend that expresses the season in a cup. For this year’s Autumn Blend, we’ve combined two unique coffees from different continents resulting in a perfectly balanced flavour profile, where sweet lemon qualities and rich caramels play together in a complex yet satisfying cup.


  • 50% El Mirador, Guatemala
  • 50% Boana, Papua New Guinea

El Mirador, Guatemala - This lot comes from small producers from the mountains of Huehuetenango. This region is famous for its unique growing conditions with its high altitude, dry climate and shade provided by an abundance of native jungle flora. El Mirador provides Autumn with a vibrant citric acidity and deep caramel undertones.

Boana, Papua New Guinea - Hailing from the wet Baroida Estate mill in Papua New Guinea’s Eastern Highlands, Boana is sourced from a variety of surrounding local estate owners. Boana brings to Autumn a viscous, buttery body, subtle floral tones, and syrupy sweetness.


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