Espresso Roast Seasonal Blend

$34 AUD
ruby grapefruit.
milk chocolate.

Every three months our seasonal blend gives us an opportunity to create a coffee that reflects nature’s changes to our everyday surroundings.

For Spring ‘21 we’ve sourced and roasted a lively, uplifting blend in line with the season itself. Featuring bright berry and apple highlights, both components of this two-bean blend are washed process lots grown at high altitudes, coming together as a complex and satisfying seasonal cup.

  • 40% Nyakabugi, Kenya
  • 60% Café Mujeres, Colombia

Nyakabugi, Kenya -   As a lively, juicy coffee from Kenya, Nyakabugi provides welcome brightness and fruit sweetness to the Spring Blend. We love great Kenya coffees for their structure and vibrancy, and this lot has been a favourite of ours over multiple recent harvesting seasons.

Cafe Mujeres, Colombia -   Balancing the overt experience of the Nyakabugi, Cafe Mujeres brings deep sweetness and richness to the blend to deliver a layered experience in Spring '21. The smooth texture and long sweet finish is largely the result of this coffee's contribution to the blend.


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