Seasonal Espresso Blend

$36 AUD
white chocolate
hazelnut praline

Each season we create a unique espresso blend that expresses the season in a cup. This Autumn, we’ve sourced and roasted a balanced, sweet and velvety cup to carry us gently into the cooler seasons.

Autumn is comprised of two coffees from different continents – Bella Vista, Colombia and Ngororero, Rwanda. Bella Vista brings sweetness and a creamy body to the blend, while Ngororero contributes its citric acidity and brightness. We have roasted each of these coffees to highlight their contributing characteristics to create a balanced blend that shines on its own and brews deliciously with milk

  • 50% Ngororero, Rwanda
  • 50% Bella Vista, Colombia

Ngororero, Rwanda - The coffee produced by Ngororero washing station has long been recognised worldwide for its superb quality and taste, and this fully washed lot is no different. It contributes a lovely brightness and acidity to the blend, reminding us of golden Autumn afternoons.

Bella Vista, Colombia - This anaerobic natural coffee was produced by Ferney Plazas, a fourth-generation coffee producer whose dedication to quality and sustainability is widely regarded. The sweetness and creaminess of Bella Vista provides a perfect pair to Ngororero.


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