Seasonal Espresso Blend

$34 AUD
Cherry Cola.

Every three months our seasonal blend gives us an opportunity to create a coffee that reflects nature’s changes to our everyday surroundings.

This summer, we’ve sourced and roasted a celebratory blend for the most festive season. Bringing together two natural processed lots, the result is a fruity, punchy and slightly boisterous cup - the perfect accompaniment to sunny days and high spirits.

Summer offers an intense fruity sweetness, a zingy acidity and a luscious creamy mouthfeel, reflected in its tasting notes of pineapple, cherry cola and passionfruit. With delightful characteristics both on its own and with milk, it's a coffee we know anyone will enjoy.

  • 50% Nascer Do Sol, Brazil
  • 50% Endebess, Kenya

Nascer Do Sol, Brazil - Comprised of a mixture of natural and pulped natural processing, this lot brings forth a creamy milk chocolate and soft acidity, providing a luscious, velvety body for the blend.

Endebess, Kenya - This natural processed lot was meticulously dried over a seven-week period, leading to an exotic and unique flavour profile, bringing a zesty acidity and plush array of fruit notes to the blend.


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