Seasonal Espresso Blend

$36 AUD
Orange Blossom.
Goji Berry.
Milk Chocolate.

Each season Industry Beans creates a unique seasonal espresso blend that expresses the season in a cup. This Spring, we’ve sourced and roasted a delectably balanced blend, bursting with sweet and floral notes reflecting the changes in nature around us.

The sum of this blend’s parts are two delicious coffees hailing from different continents and processed using different methods. With the washed Burundi bringing the bright, fruity, and floral notes, the honey processed Colombian brings the creamy body and berrylike flavours. The result is a perfectly balanced, sweet flavoured coffee with a moreish floral and creamy aftertaste.

Our Spring blend will only be available for a limited time so enjoy it while it lasts!

  • 50% Inyambo, Burundi
  • 50% Laureano Janamejoy, Colombia


Inyambo, Burundi - A washed coffee sourced from the Nzove washing station in the Ngoni Provence of Burundi – a region that features incredibly rich and fertile soils. This red bourbon varietal has been roasted with a shorter drying phase to accentuate its natural citrus acidity that gives our Spring blend its bright sparkling mouthfeel.

Laureano Janamejoy, ColombiaSourced from Finca La Peña in Nariño, Colombia, this washed coffee has been specifically roasted with a long drying phase to caramelise the natural sugars. This process gives our Spring blend its creamy body, berrylike flavours, and floral notes.


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