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February 14, 2018

This week we’re releasing a new version of our takeaway cups in Industry Beans blue. It’s the first time we’ve stepped away from our classic white cup, and there’s a story behind it which we hope you’ll enjoy. Our blue cups will be used for single origin coffees. Featuring our three icons – our Probat roaster, an espresso handle and a pourover – these cups are a reminder of the love and care that goes into producing each single origin we feature. Sourced from around the world and roasted in our Fitzroy flagship, then brewed by our baristas for you. Our beloved Fitzroy Street Blend in Fitzroy, and Rose Street Blend in Lt. Collins are no less special, and will... Continue Reading →


February 08, 2018

We’re a little bit in love with our new bagels. We’ve been serving our signature Turmeric and Beet Bagel in Fitzroy for a few seasons, with smoked black garlic cream cheese, house cured salmon, pickled zucchini, avocado and fried capers. When we opened Industry Beans Lt. Collins in the city, we wanted to create snackable versions of the same thing, which is how our Golden and Beet bagels came to be. Little did we know we'd soon be making more bagels than we ever imagined! They get their beautiful colour from house-made beetroot and turmeric infusions. Until recently, our team of chefs were up bright and early baking them daily in Fitzroy. The more bagels you ate, the more bagels... Continue Reading →

Industry Beans x Freeset Short Sleeve Tees

January 08, 2018

We’re proud to be wearing our new short sleeve tees made by the good folk at Freeset. Freeset tees are handcrafted and hand screened by survivors of human trafficking. Freeset not only provides them stable, dignified employment, but also access to healthcare, literacy education, and other key social services – transforming lives, families, and communities. Each year we updated our tees, and this time we kept it simple, allowing the organic cotton to shine. A small Industry Beans Blue Dot hovers over the pocket area, with INDUSTRY BEANS printed in a cool grey on the back. Check them out in the cafes and online. Continue Reading →

Industry Beans Fitzroy Summer Menu

December 14, 2017

We’re pleased to share with you our Fitzroy Summer Menu updates! Summer and salads go hand in hand, which is why we’re excited to welcome the Raw Salad Bowl to brunch. Finely chopped cabbage, carrot, beetroot and cabbage are combined with edamame, bean shoots, spinach, and basil, all topped with pepitas, sesame and a creamy cashew dressing. If you like, add a pea-dusted poached egg or cured salmon. If we could only eat one salad for the rest of our lives – this one might be it! Raw Salad Bowl: Carrot, beetroot, cabbage, bean shoots, almonds, pepitas, spinach, basil and a cashew dressing Our Brioche has had a makeover, with a new blackberry coulis and a new presentation – but... Continue Reading →


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