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Our 1kg Coffee Bags Are Now Resealable!

Our 1kg Coffee Bags Are Now Resealable!
We're excited to share an exciting update to our coffee bags... Our 1kg coffee bags are now resealable, meaning you can get better value with your coffee staying fresh for longer! Keep reading to discover more...

Freshness For Longer

We understand the importance of freshness (which is why we only roast to order!) so our new resealable 1kg packaging allows you to keep your coffee fresher for longer, ensuring every cup tastes as great as your first.

Save Money With Every Brew

If you've been finding yourself having to restock your favourite Industry Beans coffee more frequently, making the switch to our 1kg bags with a slightly longer frequency helps you save money and saves you from running out of coffee as often.

Reduce Plastic Recycling

Opting for a 1kg coffee bag also plays a role in reducing plastic recycling. Our coffee bags are made with soft plastic as we've found this material has a high-performing barrier to maintain coffee freshness. Plus, it can  be recycled and reused at a growing number of pick up points. It's a small change that makes a bigger impact - less packaging, less waste with your daily brew.

If you need a restock of your favourite coffee, tap the link below to shop our 1kg coffee bags! 

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