Espresso Blend Newstead

$32 AUD

Newstead is a rich, fruit-driven blend created in celebration of the launch of our flagship café & roastery in Brisbane. Combining the velvety body of a Brazilian natural, and the sweet fruitiness of a natural Ethiopian, it’s sweet and satisfying with milk and deliciously syrupy on its own.

Through an equal-parts, two-bean blend we create space for these two vastly different coffees and build a flavour profile that accentuates and complements the best qualities of each. This blend is perfect for anyone that likes a fruit-dominant flavour profile and those that preference sweetness over strength.


  • 50% Fazenda California, Brazil
  • 50% Tore Badiya, Ethiopia

Fazenda California, Brazil - This coffee has undergone a double fermentation process, where cherries are left to soak overnight in 8 degree spring water before being pulped, washed and very slowly dried on raised beds. In the blend, it brings Newstead's smooth body and velvety mouthfeel.

Tore Badiya, Ethiopia - This coffee was grown in Haniku Village in the famed Kochere region of southern Ethiopia. It was hand-picked and manually sorted to ensure only perfectly ripened cherries are selected. We have roasted this coffee to accentuate its wonderfully fruit-dominant flavour profile and intense honeyed sweetness.


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