Espresso Blend Newstead

$32 AUD

Newstead is a rich, fruit-driven blend created in celebration of the launch of our flagship café & roastery in Brisbane in 2019. Combining the velvety body of a Brazilian pulped natural, and the sweet fruitiness of a natural Ethiopian, it’s sweet and satisfying with milk and deliciously syrupy on its own.

Through an equal-parts, two-bean blend we create space for these two vastly different coffees and build a flavour profile that accentuates and complements the best qualities of each. This blend is perfect for anyone that likes a fruit-dominant flavour profile and those that preference sweetness over strength.


  • 50% Cascavel Vermelha, Brazil
  • 50% Tore Badiya, Ethiopia

Cascavel Vermelha, Brazil - This natural processed lot takes its name from the rattlesnake which roams the coffee plantations deterring pests from eating crops. We have roasted Cascavel in order to maximise the red fruit, chocolate sweetness and buttery body that it gifts to the blend.

Tore Badiya, Ethiopia - This lot was grown in Haniku Village in the famed Kochere region of southern Ethiopia. It was hand-picked and manually sorted to ensure only perfectly ripened cherries are selected.


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