October 19, 2018

Thank you from San Rafael

A note from First Crop Coffee:

Over the weekend we received some exciting news from Carlos in Colombia. As you will all know, late last year the cost of San Rafael increased. This was due to a commitment we made to Carlos and Yurley (ASCAFE) to invest in projects that would continue to benefit the communities around San Rafael, Popayan and in Cauca. The Women Coffee Growers Project has been a success and is producing bigger and better yields, the Young Coffee Growers Project is coming along, and now we’re excited to announce the newest project, the ASCAFE store. 

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October 05, 2018


As the weather heats up, we look to our favourite Cold Brew concoctions to get us through the day. Whether it's the Fitzy Iced, Bubble Cup or straight up Cold Brew on tap, you can be sure to find the perfect summer afternoon pick-me-up here. View full article →
September 04, 2018


Something tasty and very satisfying has just landed in Melbourne CBD. Industry Beans Lt. Collins is now helping to tick off your lunchtime goals with a range of freshly made Rustica Sourdough sandwiches that pair perfectly with a black or milk coffee. View full article →
September 04, 2018


As the skies get brighter and the days longer, the culinary team in Fitzroy have been working on a delicious new dessert to pair with our new Seasonal Espresso Blend: Spring. In this year’s Spring blend, the flavour profiles capture the renewed warmth and freshness of the outdoors, with tasting notes of hibiscus, lime zest and clover honey. View full article →
September 04, 2018


Hello Spring! We’re excited to see the warmer weather sweeping over Fitzroy and, to celebrate, we’ve launched a fresh new menu to match the feeling. With our usual mix of individual and share dishes, this menu is designed to be enjoyed in the sunshine with plentiful coffee and friends. View full article →
August 31, 2018


In this year’s Spring blend, we’ve combined Tambo Colombia and Shakiso Guji Ethiopia, two distinctive coffees from very different coffee growing regions. Tambo is a beautifully clean and balanced coffee, bringing a bright, long acidity and full body to the blend. Contrastingly, Shakiso Guji is elegant yet vibrant with an array of delicate floral notes and honey-like sweetness. View full article →
August 09, 2018

Introducing the Salted Caramel Bubble Cup

There’s a new kid on the block this month! Introducing the Salted Caramel Bubble Cup.

The caramel sauce and condensed milk blend has been paired with our famous coffee-soaked tapioca pearls to create the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

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August 03, 2018

CafeSmart 2018

Today we are donating $1 for every coffee sold to CafeSmart - helping to fund homelessness services in our local area. If you'd like to contribute to our efforts, you can donate here.
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July 09, 2018


Here in Fitzroy, it’s the season for cosying up with a warm drink and a hearty meal.

This Winter, our head chef James and his highly skilled team have curated a menu to help you escape the chill of Melbourne.  With it comes two new meals and a vegan friendly alternative to a Fitzroy favourite.

Inspired to create an experience beyond a great brunch this season, the team have been pushing the boundaries and bringing new techniques into the kitchen.

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June 22, 2018


Each new season brings fresh inspiration to our chefs and roasting team, who have been working to pair a dessert with our seasonal espresso: Winter. With blend tasting notes of black forest, candied orange and butterscotch, this dessert can only be described as a heart-warming chocolate delight. View full article →
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