May 09, 2017

Single Origin Las Cuevitas, Guatemala

Industry Beans Specialty Coffee Roasters Best Brunch Cafe Fitzroy Melbourne

This microlot is from one of the most progressive coffee operations in Guatemala; Finca La Bolsa. The farm is located in the highlands of Huehuetenango, close to the border with Mexico. The first coffee tree was planted by Dr. Jorge Vides Molina in 1958, the farm was given its name ‘La Bolsa’ because of the location between large mountains and cliffs. They have their own spring water and two rivers running across the property which leaves an island where they are able to dry their coffee as well as accommodating a coffee mill, school and first aid training. Today, María Elena Vides de Ovalle and her son Renardo own and manage the farm this pride.

We are finding notes of lemon slice, white grape and nectarine. It has lovely elegance and a residual vanilla sweetness. Las Cuevitas acts with great beauty across many different brew methods.

You can purchase this elegant single origin on our online store until the morning of Friday the 19th of may.

April 19, 2017

The perfect pairing

With the cooler months slowly setting in, our chefs have teamed up with our roastery to create the perfect match this Autumn.

Autumn dessert Industry Beans Specialty coffee roasters Best Cafe Brunch Fitzroy Melbourne

The Autumn dessert is designed to compliment and enhance the tasting notes of Goji Berry, Vanilla and Orange Peel in our latest seasonal espresso blend. Head to our menu to check out this beautiful guy and everything else we are showcasing this Autumn.
Our Autumn espresso blend is only around for a short time, head to our online store to purchase your very own season in a coffee bag.

March 07, 2017

Autumn is here


Autumn '17


Looking for a cure for those fresh early mornings? We have blended two of our favourite coffees to bring you our best seasonal roast yet. 

Black Lion from Ethiopia is an origin with lovely sweetness and dominant fruit notes. We mix this with one of our favourite washed Colombian lots called Cauca, which adds a vanilla sweetness and orange acidity that makes this seasonal blend perfect for both black and milk coffees. 

Only available for the next 3 months! Head over to our online store to help keep your autumn toasty and caffeinated.

February 17, 2017

Industry Beans x Billy Van Creamy

Our old mates at Billy Van Creamy continue to bring the goods! Our affogato uses the Fitzroy Street Blend, poured over a soft and creamy espresso flavoured ice cream. The smooth coffee flavours compliment with the cold sweetness of handmade espresso ice-cream, which melts into creamy-milky goodness. 

 Oh and make sure you pop-in to their new pop-up in Collingwood for the next few weeks and pick up an Espresso cone!


December 05, 2016

Summer '16 has arrived

It's the best time of year and to make your summer all the better we present


Created to reflect the current season, Summer from Industry Beans blends two exceptional coffees together.

Tade Guji from Ethiopia is an origin with lovely sweetness and dominant tropical notes. We mix this with one of our favourite washed Tanzanian lots called Tweega AA, which adds a citrus complexity and a vibrancy perfect for the warm weather. The result is a hugely satisfying coffee, with a crisp acidity and sweet body that drinks well black and with milk.

We're thinking STRAWBERRY, PAPAYA and MEYER LEMON is a perfect combo for those warm summer mornings.

Available instore and online now!

October 19, 2016

Industry Beans Roll Sleeve Tee

Thanks to our friends at Autonomy, we have created the Industry Beans Roll Sleeve Tee!

These rad tees are 100% cotton and as Autonomy is a Melbourne based clothing brand, they are made locally too! What more could you want in a shirt?

Here's the link to purchase your very own Industry Beans Roll Sleeve Tee at a launch price of $49 (RRP $59) for a short time only.

September 08, 2016

Bubble Cup Cold Drip

Here it is... We have created the first specialty coffee bubble cup, it is a delicious single origin cold drip layered on con-soy (condensed and soy milks) and coffee soaked tapioca balls – just like bubble tea but with tasty coffee and made fresh!  

We love Melbourne for it's coffee culture and for it's bubble cup obsession so why not put them together!

Bubble Cup Cold Drip by Industry Beans


July 01, 2016

The ultimate food and coffee pairing is right here....

With Winter along came the opportunity to make this chilly season so much warmer. The kitchen and roastery have turned up the heat and created a perfect pairing of our Winter 16 seasonal espresso blend alongside a dessert showcasing the characteristics of this delicious coffee.  Check out this and many more wonderful dishes on our menu... or if you'd like a bag of this years Winter Blend head to the online shop




Winter 16 by Industry Beans

May 23, 2016

Job Advertisement - Roasting Operations Manager

Industry Beans is growing and with it comes new opportunities:

The Operations Manager is responsible for the daily, weekly, monthly and ongoing functioning of the roasting team.  The Operations Manager is a leadership role, providing guidance and taking responsibility for decision-making to ensure the team is not only fulfilling the day-to-day requirements for our clients, but is also enabled to exceed and grow Industry Beans.  

The Operations Manager is the key point of contact for all coffee-related matters at Industry Beans, including communication between Roasters, Baristas, Managers and Front of House staff.  Further, the Operations Manager is ultimately responsible for resolving any customer service items related to coffee and the timely delivery of coffee related services to retail customers and wholesale clients, either directly or through management of the roasting team. 

The Operations Manager is accountable to the Directors and is expected to work with a high degree of independence and autonomy.


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Overall administration of Industry Beans coffee roastery
  • Green Coffee Procurement
  • Product development and implementation
  • High level client account management
  • Human resources management
  • Reporting and communication
  • Day-to-day operations management

 Key Skills and Attributes:

The successful applicant will have the following skills:

  • Strong leadership and staff management skills
  • High level competency with computers and software
  • Exceptional administrative and operational organisation skills
  • Detailed technical skills with coffee roasters and machinery
  • Developed coffee palate and appreciation
  • Strong barista skills
  • Detailed coffee knowledge from crop to cup
  • A hands on approach to management

 Relevant Qualifications and Experience

  • 2 years minimum experience in similar positions (essential)
  • 5 years minimum experience in the broader coffee industry (essential)
  • Previous origin trips and experience (preferred)
  • Industry related short courses (preferred)
  • High level competency in email, documentation and spreadsheet programs


This is a fantastic opportunity for the right applicant and offers a long term career driven path in the specialty coffee industry, with a growing and progressive organisation.

Applications for this position should include a cover letter, resume and relevant qualifications and should be emailed to Industry Beans Director Steve Simmons on

April 05, 2016

Autumn on a Plate

After an amazing response to our food pairing over summer, we have taken the concept to Autumn.  Pairing this seasons espresso blend with dessert.  Autumn on a Plate brings together green grape. cranberry and fresh nutmeg in a refined dish showcasing the positive relationship food and coffee can have..

The roastery and kitchen have worked together to construct a flavour experience to suit the changing weather in Autumn and it's pretty fantastic.

Autumn on a Plate - Industry Beans Specialty Coffee Roasters

Autumn on a plate
Coffee soaked grapes, cranberry puree, espresso ice cream foam and fresh nutmeg

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