March 05, 2018


Moving into Autumn is a warming feeling, which we have emulated with the pairing of a natural Ethiopian coffee with a washed Rwandan: 60% Aleta Sidamo Ethiopia and 40% Terimbere Rwanda ... View full article →
February 21, 2018


Our juices are more than just your usual OJ. They’re the result of a collaboration between our chefs and front of house teams. Each juice has been carefully curated for a particular taste, and is equally nutritious and delicious, elevated with bursts of superfoods ...

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February 14, 2018


This week we’re releasing a new version of our takeaway cups in Industry Beans blue. It’s the first time we’ve stepped away from our classic white cup, and there’s a story behind it which we hope you’ll enjoy... View full article →
February 08, 2018


We’re a little bit in love with our new bagels. We’ve been serving our signature Turmeric and Beet Bagel in Fitzroy for a few seasons, with smoked black garlic cream cheese, house cured salmon, pickled zucchini, avocado and fried capers ...

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January 08, 2018

Industry Beans x Freeset Short Sleeve Tees

We’re proud to be wearing our new short sleeve tees made by the good folk at Freeset.

Freeset tees are handcrafted and hand screened by survivors of human trafficking. Freeset not only provides them stable, dignified employment, but also access to healthcare, literacy education, and other key social services – transforming lives, families, and communities.

Each year we updated our tees, and this time we kept it simple, allowing the organic cotton to shine. A small Industry Beans Blue Dot hovers over the pocket area, with INDUSTRY BEANS printed in a cool grey on the back.

Check them out in the cafes and online.

December 14, 2017

Industry Beans Fitzroy Summer Menu

We’re pleased to share with you our Fitzroy Summer Menu updates!

Summer and salads go hand in hand, which is why we’re excited to welcome the Raw Salad Bowl to brunch. Finely chopped cabbage, carrot, beetroot and cabbage are combined with edamame, bean shoots, spinach, and basil, all topped with pepitas, sesame and a creamy cashew dressing. If you like, add a pea-dusted poached egg or cured salmon. If we could only eat one salad for the rest of our lives – this one might be it!

Beet BagelRaw Salad Bowl: Carrot, beetroot, cabbage, bean shoots, almonds, pepitas, spinach, basil and a cashew dressing

Our Brioche has had a makeover, with a new blackberry coulis and a new presentation – but underneath it’s still the same dish we know and love.

Beet BagelCinnamon Dusted Brioche: Tonka bean creme pat, charred pineapple, maple roasted peanuts, blackberry coulis and coffee caviar

And in the finishing act, our new Summer dessert! Each season our Head Chef James Sanders creates a dessert to marry the flavours of our seasonal espresso blend. This season’s blend comes with tasting notes of mango, lemon sorbet and vanilla bean, which sounds like a dessert already …

Beet BagelSummer: Mango parfait, lemon granita, vanilla bean sponge, toasted coconut and mango coulis

Looking forward to sharing these dishes with you over the coming months. Don’t forget, we’re open through the festive season – our only dates of closure are :
December 25th
December 26th
January 1st .

Check out the full menu here.

We hope you enjoy x

December 01, 2017

Meet our new seasonal blend: Summer!

Summer is here! And we couldn’t be happier to welcome our new seasonal blend: Summer.

Bursting with summery tasting notes of mango, lemon sorbet and vanilla bean, this blend is our version of the season in a cup. When we think summer, we think tropical fruits and cold treats … and we think our roasting team have really nailed it!

We've paired a PNG coffee with a washed Ethiopian and we’re loving the results. The Luoka PNG brings body and spice, while the Tade Guji Ethiopia adds acidity and tropical fruit sweetness. This is a blend where you can really tastes the contributions of each origin. Together, it’s a beautiful collision of fruity flavours and a rich body, that lends itself to a well-balanced, versatile blend. Delicious black and with milk, and especially iced – ‘tis the season, after all.

Taste it in Fitzroy, or sort yourself out with some beans for home via our online shop.

Summer, it’s great to meet you 💗

November 30, 2017

Fitzroy Iced

We’re really excited about Fitzroy Iced.

It’s light, refreshing and totally smashable, the ultimate iced coffee to get you through summer.

More specifically, it’s a 12 hour cold brew infused with Wattleseed and just a touch of organic panela, served with your choice of milk.

We chose our Fitzroy Street blend for the cold brew, because it’s a piece of our heritage – we serve it in our flagship Fitzroy cafe, we roast it in Fitzroy, it’s where we started and it plain just tastes great. The Wattleseed enhances the chocolate notes in the blend, and the panela brings a soft sweetness and syrupy texture.

Served with jersey milk, almond milk or Bonsoy. We think you’d be mad not to try it.

November 30, 2017

Industry Beans Lt. Collins

Last week we opened our new café Industry Beans Lt. Collins in Melbourne CBD.

It’s the first venue we’ve opened outside of our Fitzroy flagship, and brings our specialty coffee and food to the city in a new and exciting way, thanks to some incredible coffee-making equipment and clever design.

Our bar features a La Marzocco Modbar, which puts the entire espresso making process on display from order to pickup. Watching our baristas work across the four fonts and two milk steamers is like watching a kind of dance.  

We’re serving our Rose Street Blend and single origins on espresso, alongside batch brew and cold brew filter options. And we’re really excited about our two signature Iced Coffees: the old favourite Industry Beans Bubble Cup and our newcomer Fitzroy Iced.

Our food menu is short but oh so sweet – two bagels, three bowls and a dessert. Check out our menu blog for a full run down.

It was important to us to create a space for quiet moments in the city – even if only for a minute! The café is panelled in a canvas façade, creating a sense of separation from the hustle & bustle on the streets outside. Twelve seats along a timber bench invite you to take a moment with your coffee and brunch. We designed everything ourselves and had some excellent craftsmen bring it to life.

Whether you’re on your way to and from work, doing some retail therapy, or there because you want to be, we think you’ll find our new café to be the perfect stop.


Industry Beans Lt. Collins

345 Lt. Collins Street, Melbourne

Weekdays 7am-4.30pm Weekends 8am-4pm


November 30, 2017

Industry Beans Lt. Collins food menu

The Industry Beans Lt. Collins food menu may be short, but we think you’ll find it just right for your next city brunch.

Our Beet and Golden Bagels are baked fresh in Fitzroy daily and are a little more than the average bagel. Infused with beetroot and turmeric, they’re toasted and topped with fresh ingredients by our Lt. Collins chef team. We think that sometimes half a bagel is all you need, so we half and whole options for both.

Beet BagelBeet Bagel: Avocado smash, pickled daikon, beet crisps, edamame, seeds
Golden Bagel: Cured salmon, pickled zucchini, crispy capers, black garlic cream cheese, yuzu emulsion

Our Wattleseed Granola Bowl is like summer in a bowl, with watermelon, pineapple and mango. Each component is prepared separately and aesthetically assembled to give just the right amount of sweetness and acidity. Breakfast, brunch, lunch … we’d even eat it for dinner.

Wattleseed Granola Bowl:

Compressed watermelon, young coconut, orange mango gel, roasted pineapple foam.

Lunchtime salad? Our Raw Salad and Super Grain Bowls are more than up to the task. With the option to add chicken or salmon, or stay vegetarian, they’re as delicious as they are good for you.

Raw Salad Bowl:

Carrot, beetroot, cabbage, almonds, pepitas, spinach, basil, cashew dressing 

Super Grain Bowl:

Black rice, puffed grains, broccoli, radishes, coriander, sesame, Nam jim dressing. 

No brunch is complete without dessert, which is where our Coffee Cashew Cheesecake comes in.

Coffee Cashew Cheesecake:

Blackberry coulis, pecan, walnut, goji leather, coffee cavi


And that’s it! Short and sweet, fresh and colourful, made with love .

Check out the full menu here.

We hope you enjoy x

Industry Beans Lt. Collins

345 Lt. Collins Street, Melbourne

Weekdays 7am-4.30pm Weekends 8am-4pm