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Official Coffee Partner At The Melbourne Cricket Ground!

Official Coffee Partner At The Melbourne Cricket Ground!

We are delighted to share that Industry Beans is the new official coffee partner for the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)!

We're excited to be offering a true Melbourne coffee experience for locals and tourists from across the globe at one of the city's most iconic locations. Keep reading to discover more about the partnership...

With the MCG being one of the most iconic sports destinations in Melbourne and coffee being an important part of Melbourne's culture, we knew this partnership was the perfect fit.

Our co-founders, Trevor and Steve Simmons, both grew up in Melbourne, and went to the MCG as kids, making this partnership even more special - as it represents a full-circle moment.

What we love the most about this partnership is that we're able to be a part of it all. From sourcing and roasting our signature Fitzroy Street blend at our flagship cafe & roastery in Fitzroy, our coffee roasters delivering the freshly roasted beans to the MCG, to training the baristas on-site to ensure the final cup is what you know and love at Industry Beans.

We are absolutely thrilled to be bringing delicious Melbourne coffee to more of you at the MCG!

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