Espresso Blend Fitzroy Street

$32 AUD
blood orange. 

Fitzroy Street is our signature blend and the house espresso at our original roastery & cafe in Fitzroy. It's the OG Industry Beans blend, which we have evolved and modernised over time.

Fitzroy Street is equally delicious black and with milk, with its bright acidity, dark fruit notes and smooth finish making it a versatile blend fit for any purpose.


  • 33% Rio Azul GUATEMALA
  • 34% Gatakuza, BURUNDI
  • 33% Quebrada de Agua Negra, Colombia

Rio Azul, Guatemala - Located in Western Guatemala, Rio Azul is a 186-member cooperative with a long history of quality production in the famed Huehuetenango region. This coffee plays a supporting role in the blend, contributing sweetness and body.

Quebrada de Agua Negra, Colombia - This fantastic lot is sourced from Central Cooperativa Indígena del Cauca - a cooperative comprised of indigenous reserves in the Cauca region of Colombia. We selected this coffee for its rich, sweet cup and to impart its distinct blackcurrant notes and depth of sweetness into Fitzroy Street’s flavour profile.

Gatakuza, Burundi - Gatakuza is a fresh crop from the Akawa non-profit project, which we have enjoyed working with for the pat two years. This lot brings complexity, acidity and fruit driven, berry-like sweetness to our signature blend


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