All Time Espresso Blend

$32 AUD
dark chocolate.   
brown sugar. 

All Time Espresso is a rich and satisfying blend crafted especially for espresso extraction. Perfectly balanced to be bold but refined, this blend has been developed with both taste and strength in mind, to deliver the all-time best coffee, every day.


  • 33% Fazenda California, Brazil
  • 33% San Manuel, Honduras
  • 34% Southern Highlands, PNG

Fazenda California, Brazil - This coffee has undergone a double fermentation process, where cherries are left to soak overnight in 8 degree spring water before being pulped, washed and very slowly dried on raised beds. In the blend, it creates an ideal base to balance the other two components.

San Manuel, Honduras - This coffee comes to us from San Manuel de Colohete in the Opalaca Region, a community known for its churches, cool climate and high quality coffee. It brings a sweet fruity stickiness to the blend.

Southern Highlands, Papua New Guinea - This coffee was cultivated by smallholders in the Southern Highland Province, a lesser known producing region than Western and Eastern Highlands but with the same altitudes and fertile soil to produce high quality coffee. It brings lovely dark chocolate notes to the blend.


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