Rare Microlot Single Origin: La Esperanza X.O.

We're delighted to be roasting one of our favourite microlots again. It's the second year we've sourced the La Esperanza X.O. microlot, Colombia, a fruity, delicious and rare coffee - so keep on reading to find out more about this limited varietal, and why you can't miss out!
Cafe Granja La Esperanza has been growing coffee for over 90 years and their five farms in Colombia are amongst the most progressive and experimental plantations in the world.
One of the many reasons why we love this microlot is of its X.O process, one of La Esperanza's own unique process methods. This method elongates fermentation and drying time, and in turn imparting a fruity, sweet flavour profile that we know and love.
So when we had the opportunity to source a fresh crop of this coffee, we knew we had to bring it back.
To bring out the full flavour potential of this naturally delicious coffee, we designed a gentle and smooth profile with an extended maillard phase to capture every last bit of the coffee's sweetness.
What you'll get in the cup is tasting notes of strawberry, red liquorice and blood orange, with a gentle, creamy body and sweet aftertaste, that leaves you wanting more.

Dose: 12.5g
Water: 185g

1st Pour: 50g of water for 30seconds
2nd Pour: Up to 185g of water to 2:30/3:00 min

Dose: 12.5g
Water: 185g

1st pour: 50g of water for 30seconds
2nd pour: Up to 185g of water to 2:30/3:00 min

if you've been waiting for this coffee to make a come back, or you're just excited to taste it for the first time, head to our website and get yours while it lasts!