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Reserve Collection: Two Rare and Limited Coffees

Reserve Collection: Two Rare and Limited Coffees
It's always a pleasure to source and roast rare coffees, and we're delighted to have two reserve collection lots on offer this month.

Keep reading to discover more, and if you're eager for a taste, get your pre-order in before they run out!

Las Margaritas, Colombia

lavender • passionfruit • raspberry

This coffee is a delicious and limited Geisha lot from the award-winning farm Cafe Granja La Esperanza. It has beautiful floral qualities alongside an intense tropical fermentation.

We initially sourced this coffee for one of our roasters to use in a Brewer's Cup competition. Never wanting to miss an opportunity to share an exceptional coffee, we sourced a little extra for limited roasting dates throughout last weeks of Summer.

This coffee was grown on the Las Margaritas farm which is located in the Valle del Cauca Department, and the Caicedonia municipality. There, coffee cherries are collected at the indicated maturation stage, known as “grape type”, before seven days of anaerobic fermentation.

Pre-Order Las Magaritas

Granja Paraiso 92, Colombia

blueberry • grapefruit • hibiscus

This lot has an intense sweetness, crisp acidity and deep bouquet of fruit flavours that brews into an elegant, velvety cup.

This sweet, crisp and floral coffee was a pleasure source and roast in December - and now it's back by demand in limited quantities!

This lot was produced by Wilton Benitez, who has a lifetime of highly specialised experience in the production and processing of exotic coffee. The coffee was grown on his own farm Granja Paraiso 92, and processed in his own plant. The 92 in the name of the farm is a reference to Wilton's intention to produce only coffees that score 92 or above, showing his strong commitment to excellence.

Wilton is also the creator of the innovative Thermo Shock processing technique, which results in a heightened sweetness in the cup. The process starts with picking and sorting the cherries, after which they are anaerobically fermented twice.

The first ferment lasts for just over two days, after which the cherries are de-pulped. The second fermentation follows, for just under five days, in a controlled bioreactor. The most unique part of this process is the addition of yeast to the second fermentation, which produces enzymes that react with the sugars in the coffee, altering the chemical composition.

Pre-Order Granja Paraiso 92

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