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Making Cold Brew and Espresso Cool

Making Cold Brew and Espresso Cool
Make the perfect cool coffee.

This video from the experts at De'Longhi will show you how to brew coffee using both the Cold Brew and Espresso Cool functions.

Tips for Espresso Cool

Make sure to use the correct baskets, for espresso cool you have specific pressurised baskets which are labelled with ESPRESSO COOL on the outside.

The presurised Espresso Cool baskets must be completely clean before brewing. And after you've made your coffee you'll need a spoon to get the grounds out (you won't be able to knock these out as normal}

If you find the baskets are overflowing when making Espresso Cool compared to regular hot espresso, you can try reducing the dose slightly.

Tips for Cold Brew

Use the regular, unlabelled baskets for brewing Cold Brew.

Try a slightly coarser grind for a smooth tasting cold brew coffee

Cold brew will take approximately 5 minutes to brew, so make sure you have time before you get started.

If you found this helpful, leave us a comment below. We're here to help via Live Chat down the bottom of the screen or send us an email at

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