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Warning Light Is Activated

Warning Light Is Activated

Is your De'longhi Magnifica Evo coffee machine grinding beans, but the espresso is not extracting? Often, this issue is accompanied by the illumination of a warning light - Don't worry, this is a common issue when the grind setting is too fine.
Keep reading and follow these two simple steps to troubleshoot this issue.

  1. Clean The Infuser: Accumulated coffee residue or fine grounds might be lodged within the unit.

    To clean the infuser, turn the machine off on the front panel, this will ensure that the infuser moves into the correct position.

    Remove the water tank, from there you will be able to see the infuser door. Remove the infuser by pressing in the 2 coloured release buttons and the same time, while pulling the infuser outwards.

    Rinse the infuser under warm running water, until all residue and grounds are removed. Dry lightly and insert back in to the machine by clicking in to place.

  2. Adjust The Grind Settings: We suggest adjusting the grind setting coarser by two notches, followed by brewing 2x espresso coffees (no milk).

    This ensures that the change in grind size has a chance to come through into the brew unit. You'll find that by the third coffee, the shot will run optimally, as the older grinds have moved through the chute.

  3. Top Tip: When making the grind size finer, make sure the machine is actively grinding. This is important because as the grind becomes finer, the burrs come closer together. When coffee beans are between the burrs while the grinder is off, they can hinder the grind adjustment by creating resistance. If you're making the grind coarser, there's no need to perform this step while the grinder is running.

Remember, maintaining regular cleaning schedules and periodically adjusting grind settings can prevent such issues in the future, ensuring a consistent and great tasting coffee every time.

If you’ve run through those steps and are still having issues, please send us an email at or give us a call on 03 9417 1034

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