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Goldmesh from Industry Beans


Probably one of the most underrated brewing devices.  The Gold Mesh (or Freiling Gold For One as it's technically called) is a super simple yet fully functional filter brewer. The 23k gold filter allows for a clean, refined brew whilst the BPA-free plastic regulator provides an consistent brew and is virtually unbreakable. Available in-store and on-line, the Gold Mesh is perfect for a quick morning brew and when travelling.

Try this with one of our filter roasts  today:

  • Dose: 14.5g
  • Water temp: 98
  • Water Volume: 250ml
  • Brew Time: 1:45

Ensure the ground coffee is evenly settled directly on the mesh, fit the regulator in place and add water.  Try you first brew with a very coarse grind and adjust the coarseness of the grind such that you are able to achieve the brew time.  Any q's send us an email at  or come in and chat to us.


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