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Introducing Industry Beans Coffee Capsules

Introducing Industry Beans Coffee Capsules

We're thrilled to introduce you to our newest range of Industry Beans espresso roast coffee pods.

We believe that coffee should always taste fantastic, however you drink it. If you prefer brewing with a pod machine, or it simply is the most accessible way for you to enjoy coffee at home, we know that a lot of specialty coffee pods out there don't quite hit the mark...

So we've spent time testing and refining our approach to pod coffee, to make the best-tasting coffee pods for your Nespresso® compatible machines.

Keep reading to discover our new range!

The Roasting Process

We've taken our two best-selling espresso blends, and sourced a high-quality single origin from Colombia, to create three unique pod coffees for everyone to enjoy.

To ensure a quality extraction in a pod machine, which often has a lower pressure and water temperature in comparison to an espresso machine, we had to refine our roasting approach.

We first accelerate the roasting process, increasing the solubility so we can achieve a flavourful and strong shot. Once roasted, we rest the whole beans for a short period to de-gas, and then grind fresh just before encapsulating.

In the last step, our capsules are flushed with nitrogen as they are sealed, to preserve the coffee's flavour and aroma.

Our New Range

Rose Street Blend
We've crafted our most popular medium roast blend into speciality compostable capsules. The result is a smooth and sweet, easy drinking coffee.

All Time Blend
A crowd pleasing medium-dark roast, All Time Blend is bold and deep. A modern take on a traditional espresso.

Palo Alto Colombia Single Origin
We've sourced and crafted a premium Colombian single origin to complete our capsule range. We selected Palo Alto for its lovely natural sweetness, present but not dominant acidity, and incredibly smooth profile.

Whether you prefer a medium roast, a darker roast or single origins - we've got something for everyone.

Can't decide? Check out our Coffee Capsule Bundle to try all three!

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