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Make a Fitzroy Iced at Home

Make a Fitzroy Iced at Home

Make this Industry Beans classic yourself with ease. The Fitzroy Iced is light, refreshing and totally smashable - one of our all time warm-weather favourites. With our new release of Single Origin Cold brew cans, you can make a Fitzroy Iced from home too!




Place 5 ice cubes in your glass and top with 90g of Single Origin Cold Brew.


Drizzle with 20g of homemade sugar syrup (or change this up to your liking).


Fill with 150g of your favourite milk and give it a good stir.


At Industry Beans, we take our cold brew pretty seriously. We've spent years perfecting our brew and are excited to now be offering it in 250mL cans for your enjoyment and convenience.

We selected one of our most premium single origins: Dari Kojuwa, Ethiopia. Brewed and filtered to perfect clarity with the Industry Beans 100% PureProcess™ , it's a clean, naturally sweet coffee without any additives, preservatives or heat treatment. It's just coffee and water, so pure that it's shelf stable - read more here.

Available in Still and Sparkling with tasting notes of white peach, fuji apple and toffee, our Cold Brew is a light but luxurious mouthful best enjoyed ice cold. Both the Still and Sparkling Cold Brew are available in single cans at all Industry Beans cafes, or can be delivered to your doorstep in 4 and 16 packs from our online store.  

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