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We're excited to be releasing a brand new single-origin on espresso this week - Matilde from Brazil. It is rare to find a Brazilian microlot that shines as brightly as this one does!

Located in the region of Chapada de Minas Gerais, Matilde farm spans 550 hectares. Throughout the farm coffee crops are shaded by mahogany trees, which provides a slower cherry maturation leading to a sweeter cup. The region, Chapada de Minas, is mountainous and with a landscape that mixes Cerrado and Rain forest vegetation, which gives a lush and diverse biodiversity.

This coffee is incredibly sweet, with a thick, viscous mouthfeel and a present, clean acidity which makes for a beautifully well-rounded cup. It has a heavy fruit-influence to go along with the chocolate and caramel-like flavours that Brazilian coffee is best known for.

Next door to Matilde, farm owners Leo and Ricardo Tavares also have a social project “Promoting Life and Health in the Countryside”, which covers about 100 families in the region and the farm's employees. Its main objective is to provide medical care, nutrition seminars, vaccination, illness prevention, first aid, elderly and women's health support and much more.

Matilde is a coffee that will delight drinkers who want a classic coffee flavour-profile that is complimented by elegant touches of complexity. There are no experimental fermentation techniques, nor exotic varietals in this lot, just an incredibly well produced coffee which showcases its terroir and demonstrates just how vibrant Brazilian coffee can be when done right.

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