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Single Origin Cold Brew Cans

Single Origin Cold Brew Cans

We’re incredibly excited to be releasing one of our most anticipated new products. After months of preparation, we have a very limited run of two brand new ready to drink coffee cansbrewed with the same premium quality single origins that we roast for our cafes.  

For those that enjoy a refreshing straight up single origin served over ice, our Single Origin Cold Brew is a pure mouthful of delicious cold brew. You’ll recognise this velvety brew from our cafes with tasting notes of red cherry, fuji apple and riesling.  

An exciting addition to our Cold brew range is a first of its kind and exclusive to Industry Beans Sparkling Cold Brew. Using the same single origin as our much loved cold brew, our sparkling cold brew is perfect if you’re looking for something with a little spritz. Whether you're a seasoned coffee drinker or just love a bit of afternoon fizz, our new Sparkling Cold Brew is a totally unique drinking experience.

These Cold Brew cans are incredibly fresh, smooth and unique coffee drinking experiences, unlike anything you’ll have tried before. They’re a light but luxurious mouthful that can be enjoyed ice cold on their own, or as the base for mixed beverages like our signatures - the Fitzroy Iced and Bubble Coffee. 

Both the Single Origin Cold Brew and Sparkling Cold Brew are available in single cans at all Industry Beans cafes, or can be delivered to your doorstep in 4 and 16 packs from our online store. 

Every drop of Cold brew in these cans is crystal clear and impeccably clean, unlike some other cold brew products out there, we don’t pasteurize, inject Nitrogen or use preservatives - it’s just delicious, premium cold brew coffee – ready to drink whenever you’d like! 

Join us in one of our cafes this week, or order some Cold Brew to be delivered to your home, but be quick - stock is limited and selling fast. We can't wait for you to try it!  

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