Wholesale Coffee Supply

Founded in 2010, I N D U S T R Y  B E A N S  is at the cutting edge of a new wave of Melbourne specialty roasters working hard to reimagine coffee as a more sensual, pleasurable experience. Abandoning old ideas about how to roast coffee, we see coffee as something complex and delightful, with many possibilities – something a bit like wine. Different varietals, growing conditions, processing methods and brewing techniques could each yield something distinctive to savour and celebrate.

Recognised with a succession of awards - including being named "Melbourne's Best Boutique Roaster 2014"  by Fairfax Media -  I N D U S T R Y  B E A N S  is now offering wholesale coffee supply to cafes and venues across Australia.


The passionate team at  I N D U S T R Y  B E A N S work closely with our wholesale partners across Australia in developing and implementing a world class specialty coffee offering.

As a wholesale partner of  I N D U S T R Y  B E A N S  you'll have choice and flexibility - with access to a wide range of specialty coffees carefully selected and developed for specific extraction methods. Sourcing the best green coffee from across the globe, we embrace technological innovation and a rigorous scientific methodology in our pursuit of uncompromised quality throughout the seasons. 

Exclusive Partnerships

  • ACCESS to every coffee in stock
  • WEEKLY time with a roaster
  • FLEXIBLE roasting schedules
  • ONGOING onsite and offsite training
  • CONSULTING services
  • BRAND USE and collaboration
  • EXCLUSIVITY to local market
  • INVITATION to events & coffee cuppings

Flexible Feature Accounts

  • ACCESS to changing weekly coffees
  • CUPPING and tasting notes
  • SMALL minimum orders
  • DIALLING in support
  • FLEXIBLE ordering

One-Off Collaborations

  • CUPPING and tasting notes
  • SMALL minimum orders
  • COLLABORATION and consulting

With a range of wholesale supply options available, the distinct benefit to working with I N D U S T R Y  B E A N S is service: our passionate team is deeply invested in supporting your operation. We work relentlessly to ensure you have access to support that is as consistent and approachable as our coffee.

With additional options for ongoing training, education, equipment and technical support you can be confident in offering your customers a cutting-edge specialty coffee experience.

Take coffee to the next level...

 Enquire about a wholesale partnership by filling in the form below or emailing us at wholesale@industrybeans.com