Industry Beans Fitzroy Wholesale Specialty Coffee Supply
Authentic relationships with coffee growers are they key to sourcing an ongoing supply of exceptional green coffee throughout the seasons.   Industry Beans Fitzroy Wholesale Specialty Coffee Supply

With established supply chains in key coffee growing regions in Central America, Africa and Asia, Industry Beans has direct trade relationships with numerous coffee farmers, growers and estates. Our transparent grassroots relationships allow us to offer sustainable quality and competitive pricing alongside a compelling narrative about the journey each coffee has taken to reach the cup

Industry Beans Fitzroy Wholesale Specialty Coffee Supply     Our team of experienced and passionate coffee roasters are deeply invested in supporting the operations of our wholesale partners.
Each order is small batch roasted and hand-delivered by one of our coffee roasters who provide on-site extraction and brew support. We creatively apply scientific methodology to the coffee roasting process, revealing the complex and distinctive qualities of each single origin coffee. Alongside your coffee supply, you’ll have access to support that is as consistent and approachable as our coffee. Industry Beans offers extensive training and service support to take your coffee offering to the next level.


Coffee & Supply
With a range of wholesale supply options available – from exclusive partnerships to flexible feature accounts to one-off collaborations – the team at Industry Beans is deeply invested in supporting your operation. We work relentlessly to ensure that you have everything you need to make consistently delicious coffee. The distinct benefit to working with Industry Beans is service; you will always have access to support that is as consistent and approachable as our coffee.


+ Every order is small batch roasted
+ Extensive coffee list that changes weekly
+ Signature and seasonal blends
+ Micro-lot & single estate origins
+ Direct trade relationships with farmers
+ Specialty teas and chocolate
+ Flexible ordering and roasting schedules

Training & Support
Our training approach is designed to ensure consistency across your barista team. At the same time, we work to improve knowledge and understanding of coffee to ensure a well-rounded skill base that translates to higher quality coffee preparation and improved engagement with your customers. Our personalised and detailed approach draws on relevant experience making coffee in our award-winning Fitzroy café, and focuses on delivering service-ready training.


+ Coffee hand-delivered by a roaster
+ On-site extraction and brew support
+ Cupping & tasting notes
+ Ongoing barista & service training
+ Advanced training sessions in Fitzroy
+ Exclusive cuppings & events



Our team can guide you on a well-considered service layout, based on our extensive experience in café service environments, and help you access the right equipment for your needs.

+ Accredited equipment supplier
+ Alternative brewing equipment
+ Venue setup consulting
+ Brand use & collaboration
+ Retail coffee & visual merchandising
+ Marketing & social media support
  Industry Beans Fitzroy Wholesale Specialty Coffee Supply


Industry Beans Fitzroy Wholesale Specialty Coffee Supply


Industry Beans is at the cutting edge of Melbourne’s Specialty Coffee scene.
Since 2010 we’ve been sourcing, roasting and brewing coffee, and providing wholesale coffee supply to cafes and venues across Australia.

The passionate team at Industry Beans works closely with our exclusive wholesale partners and feature accounts across Australia.
Industry Beans enthusiastically commits to partners serious about offering a world-class specialty coffee experience. As our wholesale partner you’ll have choice and flexibility, with access to a wide range of coffees carefully selected and meticulously developed for filter and espresso.

Our extensive background in coffee started out in cafes, giving our team a strong understanding of what customers want from their coffee.
We built our approach to coffee roasting with customers in mind, striving to provide coffee that is accessible on every level – consistently delicious house blends, and interesting seasonal single origins.



If you’d like to enquire about partnering with Industry Beans for your wholesale coffee supply, please fill out the enquiry form below. We look forward to hearing from you!