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Limited Release: Exclusive Microlots from Coffea Diversa

Limited Release: Exclusive Microlots from Coffea Diversa

Located near the Panama border in one of the most remote regions of Costa Rica, Coffea Diversa holds the largest private collection of coffee in the world, and we are thrilled to share an exclusive microlot duo for limited release.

Coffea Diversa grows over 700 different variants in their coffee botanical garden, offering a wide variety of coffee taste profiles grown in the same conditions. Not only is it a garden full of beautiful coffee plants, it’s also a sanctuary for any coffee lover. They offer tours of their botanical garden and courses in their coffee academy focusing on coffee farming & processing. There’s also a space to relax & recharge in their coffee plantation – what more can you ask for!

From their private collection, we have selected a Cioccie and Sudan Rume - two unique and rare varieties that display a vast diversity in flavour.

Cioccie is an incredibly rare and little-known variety - the origins of which can be traced back to the Jimma region of Ethiopia, where it grew wildly as a local landrace of Arabica. This coffee displays floral aromatics, tropical fruit sweetness, and an incredible creaminess, making for a complex cup that benefits enduring observation.

With tasting notes of jasmine tea, peaches & cream and caramel fudge, you will definitely enjoy its sweet and unique taste.

Complementing this is the Sudan Rume, an exotic variety that is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after in the world despite its relative obscurity as recently as several years ago. Challenging to grow and with a low yield, the rewards of this variety are in its spectacular flavour profile, where its confectionary-like sweetness and towering fruit notes steal the show.

Definitely for a must-try for any sweet-tooth, this embodies tasting notes of concord grape, bubblegum and blueberry - a treat that can still be enjoyed by many.

We have kept the roast profiles of these coffees light, in order to preserve the full breadth of flavour inherent in the bean. We hope that you enjoy this one-of-a-kind pairing of two incredibly rare and delicious coffees and that it piques your interest in coffee diversity.

We'll be roasting these micrlots once a week starting February 9th until they are sold through - which we expect to be soon! We don't think you'll want to miss these coffees; click through below to take a look and get your order in.

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