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IB Long Sleeve Tee

We are proud to announce that we have collaborated with Freeset to create the Industry Beans Long Sleeve Tee. These beautiful shirts are 100% Organic cotton, however there’s more to these shirts than just the stitching...

A little story behind the tee.

Freest global is a fair trade company which creates the opportunity for women who are trapped in India's sex trade to change the profession they didn't choose and help them to start a new life with a new job. Training is provided along with fair wages, health insurance, retirement savings and day care for their children. Mothers learn to read and write and for many, sign their own pay check for the very first time. The cycle of human trafficking is interrupted and a life with choices begins.

We hope our partnership will help to spread the word and support the great job that the team at Freeset Global are doing.

Available for purchase on our online store and in our Fitzroy cafe, for $40.

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