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Your Most-Loved Industry Beans Brunch Dishes

Your Most-Loved Industry Beans Brunch Dishes

The brunches that follow are your favourites across the year so far, and we hope they help you plan your next brunch!

#1: OG Avocado Smash

Coming in at the top of the list is our OG Avocado Smash – a brunch dish that never disappoints. We’ve elevated this brunch classic with unique elements that really make it pop. Think danish feta, fresh herbs, orange lime gel and crispy target beetroot– with a crunch side of sourdough to bring it all together.

#2: Porcini Nest

Your second most-loved signature brunch dish is our Porcini Nest – a beautiful dish from any angle, and it’s an Instagram favourite too!This dish features a porcini dusted egg atop an intricately woven potato nest, with highlights of mushroom and truffle.

#3: Chilli Barramundi Folded Eggs

Our Chilli Barramundi Folded Eggs brings an exciting combination of flavours for lovers of sea, spice and eggs. Quite unique, this dish features mango coffee togarashi –an ingredient we've developed to show you the versatility of coffee as an ingredient! Dusted over sambal oelek,chilli soybean oil, native succulents, bonito flakes and a side of sourdough.

#4: Fig & Goats Cheese Omelette

A perfectly balanced brunch that's healthy but never boring, our Fig & Goats Cheese Omelette Omelette is perfect for those in the mood for a classic combination of flavours. Packed with heirloom tomatoes, beet pickled fennel, fig, whipped goats cheese, and best served with a side of bacon.

#5: The Daily Muffin

The go-to brekkie bite... Think bacon, egg, cheese, hashbrown and our coffee-spiced hollandaise all in a freshly baked English Muffin... All wrapped up for just $12.

Which one will be your next brunch pick? We look forward to serving you one of the many beautiful dishes from our menu soon!

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