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This week are excited to be releasing a new single origin on filter – Finca La Montinita Pacamara from El Salvador. Farm owner Antonio René Aguilar grows a range of exotic varietals in the rich volcanic soils of Finca La Montanita in the Chalatenango region of northern El Salvador.
Industry Beans Finca La Montanita Filter Release
This washed Pacamara lot is an elegant, bright coffee with a sweet, floral aftertaste. For a coffee with such clarity and complexity La Montanita also has a surprisingly buttery body, which makes for an extremely delicious cup representative of the quality of both the producer and the delicious Pacamara coffee bean.
Industry Beans La Montanita El Salvador on Filter
Pacamara is a unique varietal that was originally created in El Salvador in 1958 by crossing Pacas and Maragogype varietals. Pacas is a dwarf varietal, which allows for trees to be planted close to together on steep slopes leading to a high-yielding plant. Maragogype is a natural mutation of the Typica variety and is known for producing giant-sized beans which are incredibly delicious and juicy, but also low-yielding and difficult to grow. Pacamara plants inherit the dwarfism gene from the Pacas varietal, and the large bean size and cup quality from Maragogype receiving the benefits from both of its parent varietals.

Finca La Montanita - El Salvador Coffee FarmAs such it has become a popular exotic varietal for high-altitudes in Central America and particularly El Salvador and one that is highly sought after in the specialty coffee world for its complexity and vibrancy.

Join us in one of our cafes to try it with our team, or order a bag for home via our online store.

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