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Single Origin Las Cuevitas, Guatemala

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This microlot is from one of the most progressive coffee operations in Guatemala; Finca La Bolsa. The farm is located in the highlands of Huehuetenango, close to the border with Mexico. The first coffee tree was planted by Dr. Jorge Vides Molina in 1958, the farm was given its name ‘La Bolsa’ because of the location between large mountains and cliffs. They have their own spring water and two rivers running across the property which leaves an island where they are able to dry their coffee as well as accommodating a coffee mill, school and first aid training. Today, María Elena Vides de Ovalle and her son Renardo own and manage the farm this pride.

We are finding notes of lemon slice, white grape and nectarine. It has lovely elegance and a residual vanilla sweetness. Las Cuevitas acts with great beauty across many different brew methods.

You can purchase this elegant single origin on our online store until the morning of Friday the 19th of may.

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