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Three Recipes Using Our Cold Brew Cans

Three Recipes Using Our Cold Brew Cans

If you are craving a refreshing Cold Brew Coffee, our cans are the perfect base for delicious and easy to make recipes. Whether you are after a Cascara Gin Spritz or Coconut Cold Brew, we have two of our favourite Cold Brew can recipes for you to try out.

Our Cold Brew Coffee range is perfectly balanced, refreshing and naturally sweet. Extracted from pure cold brew coffee and water, our cans are all natural and 100% pure. Roasted and brewed from premium Single Origin Coffee, so you get a straight mouthful of delicious in every sip.

Cascara Gin Spritz Recipe

1 can of Cascara Spritz
15ml of Gin
1 squeeze of lime
Soda water to top up

To make, measure out your shot of gin, fill halfway with Cascara Spritz, top up with soda water and finish with a squeeze of lime. Best enjoyed in the sunshine!

Coconut Cold Brew Recipe

1 can of Cold Brew Still
¼ cup of Coconut Water
¼ cup of Coconut Cream

To make, fill a tall glass, with ice, pour in equal parts of coconut water and coconut cream, top with Still Cold Brew. A drink that is rich, indulgent and satisfying.

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