Cold Brew Kit

$144 AUD
Brew Yourself.
Easy to use.
Set and forget!

The Hario “Cold Brew In A Bottle” is an easy to use cold brewing device perfectly suited to those that want a delicious filter coffee without any fuss. It makes a rich and refreshing cold brew concentrate with low levels of acidity and bitterness; if a low maintenance coffee brewer sounds good to you, you’ve found it.

Simply grind your whole beans using the hand grinder, fill the mesh infuser with coarsely ground coffee, submerge into the carafe of cold water and leave to brew overnight.

Paired with our Hand Grinder and 250g of Filter Single Origin Roaster's Pick to get you started, you'll fast become the master of making your own cold brew.

  • Brew rich and refreshing cold brew with no hassle.
  • Through cold water immersion, the cold brew has low levels of acidity and bitterness
  • It is easy to keep clean and does not require any extra filters
  • Our hand grinder is portable, easy to use, and has easy grind adjustments so you can use it for many methods!
Kit Includes:

View our Hario Cold Brew Bottle Brew Guide here.

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