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Must Read: Tips & Tricks For Using Your New Machine

Must Read: Tips & Tricks For Using Your New Machine

Below you'll find a compilation of our top tips & tricks for using your machine, taking in to account some of the most common feedback and questions we get from our members.

We're always here to help you get the perfect brew, if you'd like to book in a time with one of our machine experts to help you in getting the best from you machine, please email us at and ask to book in a time.

  1. Fresher Beans
    Only fill the container with the amount of beans you require for that coffee or two so your beans will be fresher and you won’t need to adjust the settings as often.
  2. Priming the machine
    Priming the Machine is important at the beginning of use to make sure the water lines are full of water. Remember this action anytime you fill the water tank and the water alarm does not turn off as there may be an air bubble in the line. Watch the video in 'Setting Up Your La Specialista Prestigio Machine' for full details on how to do this.
  3. Water Tank
    Always make sure the water tank is full of water before using your machine.
  4. Setting the right dose
    There is a "perfect dose" line on each filter basket, check the dose is correct by grinding coffee and tamping then remove the filter holder from the autotamp, and make sure the coffee is level and not below this line. If it's not correct, discard the ground coffee, adjust the dose dial up in small increments and then repeat the process.
    Once you have the right dose, test the espresso to see how it is pouring before you adjust the grind setting.
  5. Adjusting the grind
    Always ensure the grinder is activated when changing the grind. This is for the most effective change to occur and to ensure beans do not get stuck in the conical burrs. If you are on the lowest grind setting and the coffee is pouring too fast or tastes under extracted, check the dose is correct, check the temperature is on high, and ensure you are tamping correctly.
  6. Getting the Pressure Gauge to Optimal level
    The pressure gauge should be in the middle of the dial, in the "optimal" zone, if it is too high, you might need to adjust your settings. Most commonly, this is because the dose is too high or the grind is too fine - adjust the dose and grind as per the tips above.
  7. Use the Correct Baskets
    Make sure you are using the double filter basket if you are brewing a 2 x shot coffee.
    Be sure to use the labelled Espresso Cool baskets when making Espresso Cool,
  8. Tamping Firmly and correctly
    You need to be firm when pressing the autotamp, and it helps to press it down twice. When removing the filter holder keep the tamp handle held down, this polishes the top of the coffee just like the Baristas do and will create an even more consistent tamp.
    Also make sure the filter basket and tamp are not wet when you place the filter holder into the tamp station. This can cause coffee to be grabbed off the top and the true dose you have set will not occur causing under extraction.
  9. Clean the grind chute
    It's important to keep your grind chute (the small chamber in front of the bean container) clean, by emptying it once a week using the supplied brush tool. If the first light on the right side of the machine is red, this also indicates it's time to clean the chute.

That's it for now! Make sure to check out our posts on 'Setting Up Your La Specialista Opera Machine' and 'How To Make The Perfect Espresso' which have helpful video guides to watch before getting started with your machine.

If you found this helpful, leave us a comment below. We're here to help via Live Chat down the bottom of the screen or send us an email at

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