Hario V60 Metal Dripper

$90 AUD
premium filter method.

The Hario V60 Metal Black 2 cup features an advanced Japanese design to facilitate the production of quality pour over coffee. This Hario pour over coffee brewing device is great for use at home or on the road; being made from steel means this V60 dripper is ready to carry anywhere and drip straight into your cup with ease.

  • Made from an unbreakable black stainless steel makes this the most durable pourover unit on the market
  • Its precisely constructed spiral ridge edges, large hole size and 60o cone angle allow for superior brewing control and even extraction
  • Its timeless aesthetic makes for a simple, yet elegant home brewing device
  • Matte black stainless steel body with silicone base 
  • Makes 1 – 4 cups of coffee
  • Dimensions: W145 x D120 x H90mm

Pair with Hario 02 Filter Papers

View our Hario V60 Pourover Brew Guide here.

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