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Ten Years of Industry Beans

Ten Years of Industry Beans
It's our tenth year of Industry Beans! We have proudly been roasting, brewing and serving our wonderful community for ten years, and we have loved every moment of it.

We've celebrated by showcasing ten things we are proud of over the past ten years on this blog and across our socials


#1 Fitzroy Street

We're kicking off the first of ten things with our first-ever blend, Fitzroy Street!

You might already know Fitzroy Street as the house blend at our Fitzroy roastery and cafe, but did you know this was the first ever blend we created and roasted, just up the road of our OG location?
Fitzroy Street, named after our original location on the corner of Fitzroy and Rose Streets, has always reflected our ideal specialty coffee blend; comprised of three origins sourced seasonally, roasted to a medium espresso degree and extracted with a strong, smooth recipe.

Over the years we've evolved and modernised this blend to ensure it's the best it can be but to this date is still one of our all time faves!
If you prefer milk coffees, Fitzroy Street Blend brews beautifully as a well-rounded and smooth cup.  For black coffee drinkers, this coffee brings subtle blackcurrant and gentle citrus notes with a chocolatey finish.


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#2 Avocado Smash

Avocado Smash is no stranger to our brunch lovers, but throughout the ten years we've shared different iterations of this classic dish.

For our tenth birthday, we've decided to bring back the OG Avocado Smash! Freshly smashed avocado with feta and fresh herbs, garnished with zesty orange lime gel and crispy target beetroot over a slice of sourdough...

#3 Bubble Coffee

The first ever Bubble Coffee was created in our Fitzroy Brew Bar - it's fun and unique, whilst still using the same quality coffee as all of our other brews.

To learn a little bit more about this signature brew - Here's a snippet from our co-founder, Trevor, on how the first Bubble Coffee was created.

"Steve and I grew up as kids for a few years in Malaysia and have always had great connection with the food and culture across South-East Asia. 

When I moved to Melbourne I was obsessed with bubble tea (green apple ice blend with pearls was my flavour of choice) and as we developed new products at Industry Beans, we always looked to draw on inspiration from our personal experiences.

So, after a few years of creating cold brew based iced coffees, it cropped up in a conversation how great bubble cups are. Of course, it was then obvious to make a specialty coffee bubble cup. We quickly came up with a base recipe including recreating the pearls (using coffee soaked tapioca) and launched the original. From there we have created different flavours and it is now one of our top sellers across our venues."

#4 The Espresso Club™

The Espresso Club™ is our first-of-a-kind weekly coffee + machine subscription that has helped over 4,000 people make barista-quality coffee at home.

Packed with all the essentials at an affordable weekly cost, The Espresso Club™ simplifies home brewing for coffee lovers.

After searching around for the perfect home machines, we landed on De’Longhi - makers of beautifully crafted, high quality espresso machines. We've built a unique and exclusive partnership with De’Longhi, and now, we're able to offer multiple machine options to cater for more brewing preferences.

We couldn't be more proud to see our Espresso Club™ community grow across the country, all making delicious coffee at home! If you've been thinking about getting started, take a look - you could be pouring shots in less than a week!

The Espresso Club™

#5 Porcini Nest

Looking as good as it tastes, the Porcini Nest earns the spot as one of the most re-shared dishes on Instagram, ever.

The magic of the Porcini Nest isn't just about its looks... it's also the delicious elements that make up the dish! The perfectly crispy potato nest holds a tasty wild mushroom mix with tangy pickled mushrooms, and a poached egg sprinkled with porcini dust. And to top it all off, there's a drizzle of fragrant truffle oil.

The Porcini Nest has an unlikely inspiration:

"One of my best dining memories was a bird’s nest at my best mate's Chinese restaurant, it was a fried noodle dish in the shape of a birds nest with pickled vegetables and just so delicious. I always wanted to replicate this in a brunch dish, and over many iterations, The Porcini Nest was born.
It's a delicious homage to that dish albeit with a totally different flavour base, the perfect combination of fried potato, truffle, porcini mushrooms and egg." - Trevor

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#6 Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate
Originally crafted to be used in our cafes, our Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate has now been bottled up and become a fan-favourite to make a range of iced coffees and cocktails at home.If you're looking to recreate at home, check out our Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate recipes here.

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#7 Daily Muffin

The Daily Muffin is our take on the ultimate breakfast muffin! With bacon, egg, hashbrown, cheese and our housemade coffee-spiced hollandaise in a freshly-baked English Muffin - it's the ultimate on-the-go breakfast bite and it's quickly become a staple amongst our community.

Eager for a bite? Head into Fitzroy, Chadstone, Lt. Collins, York St. and Newstead!

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#8 Fitzroy Iced

We first mixed up a Fitzroy Iced in 2017 in our original Fitzroy Cafe & Roastery - it was the result of a search to make the ultimate iced coffee.

It was around the time we had started using our Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate in our coffee bar at Fitzroy, so we worked with our chefs to create a delicious, unrefined panela and wattleseed syrup (we have always loved Australian natives) to work in with the coffee concentrate.

This balance gives just the right amount of sweetness with a little nutty, toastiness from the wattleseed, complementing perfectly with the coffee concentrate and milk.
From day one it has been a top seller and to this date is still our most-popular iced brew, selling over 100,000 a year through our cafes.


#9 Seasonal Espresso Blend

If you've been around for a while, you might've noticed every three months we source, roast and create a new Seasonal Espresso Blend that captures the essence of the season in a cup.

Our Summer Blend in 2023 celebrated the bright, sweet fruits of the season with tasting notes of yellow peach, strawberry and marmalade. It has a vibrant citrus acidity, sweet jammy body, and a smooth sugary finish!

Check out our current Seasonal Espresso Blend on offer!

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#10 Iced Long Black

Introducing our most-popular ready-to-drink release: Iced Long Black!

With the growing popularity of our Cold Brew ready-to-drink range, we decided to introduce our cafe's most-ordered iced espresso brew in a can, to make it more accessible and convenient for everyone.

Brewed from a premium espresso roast single origin from Brazil, our Iced Long Black cans match the flavours of the iced long blacks served in our cafes.

It is now our most popular canned brew and a favourite amongst our community.

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