Our Sydney café Industry Beans York St. brings together everything we love -  coffee, design and of course brunch.

When we created the York St. brunch menu, we brought together a collection of favourites from our Fitzroy café & roastery with some new dishes created just for Sydney. One month in and it’s easy to see what our York St. customers are loving – here’s a rundown of your favourites so far:

It’s hard to pick a starting point, but we think Fruit Sashimi is as good as any other. As beautiful as it is delicious, this is our take on a fruit salad that makes a beautiful brunch for one or to share. Feast your eyes on the cured rockmelon, wattleseed rice crisp, cold brew panna cotta, compressed watermelon, fresh seasonal fruit and coffee caviar and enjoy every bite.

We’ve always believed that healthy should be beautiful, which is how our Evergreen Omelette came to life. It's topped with heirloom tomatoes, beetroot pickled fennel, zucchini ribbons, kale, provolone and basil, and is the perfect dine in or take away option, with guaranteed satisfaction the whole way through.

Coffee is a beautiful ingredient to work with in the kitchen, so we use it in our Coffee Rubbed Wagyu Burger to enhance the flavour of a classic lunchtime favourite. With chilli jam, cheddar, pickled zucchini and a brioche bun, you can also add polenta chips for a real lunchtime party. This one can be spotted going out at all hours of the day.

If you have a sweet tooth, our Cinnamon Dusted Brioche is going to best your best friend. We're talking tonka bean ice cream, maple roasted peanuts, blackberry coulis, raspberry dust and coffee caviar. Perfect to share, but perfect to keep all to yourself, too.

Sometimes we all crave something simple, and while not your standard run-of-the-mill chicken sandwich, our Poached Chicken Baguette is satisfying, delicious and still – we think – quite nice to look at. You can enjoy it accompanied with celery, walnuts, capsicum, cos lettuce and mayo, and your coffee of choice. 

We look forward to introducing you to more of our dishes in the coming days, weeks and months.

Check out the full Industry Beans York St. brunch menu here and come visit us 7 days a week.