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New Summer Blend and Three Recipes To Try!

New Summer Blend and Three Recipes To Try!

Summer is finally here and we're thrilled to introduce our newest Seasonal Espresso Blend - a sticky, sweet and bright blend that perfectly captures the season we've looked forward to all year!

Keep reading to discover more about this blend, and if you're brewing at home, follow our three recipes for a taste of summer in a cup!

Summer Blend is comprised of two coffees which you may have enjoyed as single origins from our roastery already.

The first, Palo Alto, Colombia, is a washed lot that brings a vibrant acidity and milk chocolate notes to the blend. It's combined in equal parts with Endebess, Kenya - a coffee we're pleased to have sourced for three consecutive years. It's a natural SL 28 lot that shines with berry and stone fruit notes.

Together, these coffees bring a vibrant citrus acidity, sweet jammy body, and a smooth sugary finish to the cup. With tasting notes of marmalade, yellow peach and strawberry, this year's blend reminds us of the desserts and celebrations of Summer!

Espresso Starter Recipe

Dose: 18g
Yield: 40g
Time: 28 - 32 seconds

We've roasted this year's Summer Blend slightly lighter than our signature blends - increasing the dose or using a finer grinder setting may help bring out those sweet and fruity qualities to shine!

Summer Iced Long Black

A smooth and fruity brew

60mL Summer Blend espresso
60mL cold filtered water
Handful of ice

Summer Iced Latte

A creamy, light and moreish cup

30mL Summer Blend espresso
175mL milk of choice
Handful of ice

Summer Affogato

A sweet and refreshing treat

30mL Summer Blend espresso
1 scoop vanilla ice cream

If you're eager for a taste of Summer in a cup, head into our cafes and order a Summer brew or if you're brewing at home, follow the link to grab a bag of beans online!

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