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Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate Guide

Enjoy barista-quality iced coffees and cocktails at home with our beloved Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate, originally perfected for cafes and now available for creating delightful beverages and desserts.

Our Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate makes whipping up delicious iced coffees (and more) at home a breeze. Originally crafted to be used in our cafes, our Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate has now been bottled up and become a fan-favourite to make iced coffees, coffee cocktails and desserts at home! Scroll down for step by step instructions for our iced coffee recipe. For more delicious recipes, check out the blog here!

What You'll Need

  • Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate
  • Milk of choice
  • Ice
  • Starting Out Recipe
  • 30mL Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate
  • 15mL Sweetener
  • 150mL Milk of choice
  • Person Making Cold Brew Coffee Iced Latte
    Step 1

    Place a handful of ice cubes in your glass and pour in 15ml sweetener (or change this up to your liking).

    Person Making Cold Brew Iced Coffee Adding Milk
    Step 2

    Fill with 150mL of your favourite milk.

    Person Making Cold Brew Iced Coffee Adding Coffee Concentrate
    Step 3

    Top with 30mL of Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate.

    Person Stirring Cold Brew Concentrate Iced Coffee
    Step 4

    Give this a good stir and enjoy!

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