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Fitzroy Iced

Fitzroy Iced

We’re really excited about Fitzroy Iced.

It’s light, refreshing and totally smashable, the ultimate iced coffee to get you through summer.

More specifically, it’s a 12 hour cold brew infused with Wattleseed and just a touch of organic panela, served with your choice of milk.

We chose our Fitzroy Street blend for the cold brew, because it’s a piece of our heritage – we serve it in our flagship Fitzroy cafe, we roast it in Fitzroy, it’s where we started and it plain just tastes great. The Wattleseed enhances the chocolate notes in the blend, and the panela brings a soft sweetness and syrupy texture.

Served with jersey milk, almond milk or Bonsoy. We think you’d be mad not to try it.

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