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As the weather heats up, we look to our favourite Cold Brew concoctions to get us through the day. Whether it's the Fitzy Iced, Bubble Cup or straight up Cold Brew on tap, you can be sure to find the perfect summer afternoon pick-me-up here.


As the weather heats up, we look to our favourite Cold Brew concoctions to get us through the day.

Fitzroy Iced

Fitzroy Iced

We’ve been sipping on Fitzroy Iced for a year now, and we love it a little more every day. It’s the ultimate iced coffee - light, refreshing and totally smashable.

The ingredients are simple: 12-hour cold brew infused with Wattleseed and just a touch of organic panela, served with your choice of milk. We chose our Fitzroy Street blend for the cold brew, because it’s a piece of our heritage – we serve it in our flagship Fitzroy cafe, we roast it in Fitzroy, it’s where we started and it just plain tastes great. The Wattleseed enhances the chocolate notes in the blend, and the panela brings a soft sweetness and syrupy texture.

Served with jersey milk, almond milk or Bonsoy, as you like.

Cold Brew Bubble Cup

We created the OG specialty coffee Bubble Cup in 2016. Combining coffee-soaked tapioca pearls with our house-made condensed milk / soy infusion and cold brew coffee, it was an instant hit and we couldn’t make the tapioca pearls fast enough!

Fast forward to Spring 2018 and we’ve just launched our third Bubble Cup flavor: Salted Caramel. It’s everything you love about the OG but with a sweet butterscotch kick courtesy of our house-made salted caramel sauce.

It’s fun, delicious and covers your coffee & sweet treat needs all in one. We’ve yet to find a bad mood that a Bubble Cup can’t fix… 

Cold Brew in cup with ice

Straight Up Cold Brew

As Cold Brew has been growing in popularity over the last few years, we’ve been focusing on making the best cold brew, the most accessible way for you. Enter: Cold Brew on Tap! Each fortnight we brew and keg a new single origin for easy service in our brew bar at Fitzroy, and our Lt. Collins Espresso Bar. It’s delicious, consistent and has no hidden nasties – 100% straight up cold brew coffee. It’s light, refreshing and has a beautiful inherent natural sweetness.

Make sure you’re getting your daily fix at Fitzroy and Lt. Collins

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