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Introducing our Newstead Blend

Introducing our Newstead Blend


Created in celebration of the opening of our new café & roastery in Brisbane, Newstead is a rich, yet fruit dominant blend that combines the velvety body of a Brazilian pulped natural and the sweet fruitiness of a natural Ethiopian.

Composed of 50% Santa Serra, Brazil and 50% Dari Kojuwa, Ethiopia, Newstead has tasting notes of blueberry, cacao and hazelnut.

Newstead Blend represents both where specialty coffee is now, and the direction we see it going in, with the body and depth to cut through any milk-based drink, whilst still maintaining a clean, specialty flavour profile for black coffee purists.

With milk, Newstead is incredibly sweet with a long caramel finish. Its richness and depth are satisfying experience for milk coffee drinkers.

As a black espresso, it bursts with berries and its syrupy body coats the mouth with a long, sweet aftertaste, a sophisticated experience for black coffee purists.

Newstead is served exclusively at Industry Beans Newstead and is available online to be shipped around Australia & the world. We hope you enjoy it! 


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