Espresso Blend - Rose Street

$28 AUD

Making espresso at home or in the office? Then Rose Street is your weapon of choice. A full-bodied, balanced espresso blend, it's been a hit with both third-wave coffee snobs as well as drinkers with more traditional palates. Composed of three single origin beans sourced from farmers on three separate continents, the Rose Street Blend is a smooth and satisfying coffee that is rich and sweet with citrus acidity.


  • 50% Sinfonia, Brazil
  • 25% Sierra Madre, Guatemala
  • 25% Mzuri, Tanzania

Sinfonia, Brazil - From the highly acclaimed Mantiqueira de Minas region in the South of Minas Gerais, this small producer lot comprises Yellow Catuai and Yellow Bourbon varietals. Processed as a pulped natural, Sinfonia brings welcome complexity to the blend with subtle blackcurrant and red grape qualities.

Sierra Madre, Guatemala - This is a beautiful washed coffee from mountainous, jungle-filled region of Huehuetenango, where remoteness requires that virtually every producer process their own coffee. Sierra Madre brings a rich caramel-like sweetness to the blend.

Mzuri, Tanzania - This is a fantastic example of the high-quality specialty coffee being produced in Tanzania. Comprised from multiple small-holder farms across varied and rugged terrain, Mzuri AA has a crisp acidity and velvety body. The name ‘Mzuri’ is African Swahili in origin and means ‘Beautiful One’.



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