Espresso Blend - Newstead

$30 AUD

Newstead is a rich, fruit-driven blend created in celebration of the launch of our flagship café & roastery in Brisbane in 2019. Combining the velvety body of a Brazilian pulped natural, and the sweet fruitiness of a natural Ethiopian, it’s sweet and satisfying with milk and deliciously syrupy on its own.

Through an equal-parts, two-bean blend we create space for these two vastly different coffees and build a flavour profile that accentuates and complements the best qualities of each. This blend is perfect for anyone that likes a fruit-dominant flavour profile and those that preference sweetness over strength.


  • 50% Sinfonia, Brazil
  • 50% Dari Kojuwa, Ethiopia

Sinfonia, Brazil - Grown in the famous Mantiqueira de Minas region of southern Brazil, we sourced this coffee to provide both body and sweetness to this blend. When roasting Sinfonia we use a gentle, yet extended development time to accentuate its creaminess and chocolate notes and provide the blend with its fantastic, nutty aftertaste.

Dari Kojuwa, Ethiopia - Dari Kojuwa is a small village located in the Guji region of Ethiopia, where coffee is sourced through smallholder farmers who average less than 10 hectares each. When roasting this coffee, we focus on preserving the delicious berry notes and clean acidity that gives Newstead Blend its wonderfully fruit-forward flavour profile.


Dose: 18g
Yield: 36g
Shot time: 26 – 30 seconds

A good extraction of our Newstead blend will result in a vibrant, smooth espresso with big berry notes up front, caramel sweetness, and a decadent chocolate-nut finish. If it is tasting too acidic or savoury, use a finer grind setting and increase your shot time. If it is dry and bitter or lacking acidity, then coarsen your grind and decrease your shot time.


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