Espresso Blend - Fitzroy Street

$16 AUD
blood orange. 

Fitzroy Street is our signature blend and the house espresso at Industry Beans Fitzroy in Melboure, and Industry Beans York St. in Sydney. Comprised of equal parts from Colombia, Burundi and Honduras this blend presents as the most distinguished and unique of our five espresso blends.

Fitzroy Street’s flavour profile is equally delicious both black and with milk, with its bright acidity, dark fruit notes and smooth finish. This coffee is perfect for anyone that is looking for a versatile blend fit for any purpose.


  • 33% Montana Verde, Honduras
  • 34% Ruhora, Burundi
  • 33% San Rafael, Colombia

Montana Verde, Honduras - This lot was grown in the town of San Juan, located in the Intibuca region of Honduras and is exclusive to Industry Beans. Montana Verde holds this blend together with its big syrupy body - we roast it in a way that accentuates this quality whilst maintaining its spice-driven complexity which adds character to the blend.

San Rafael, Colombia - Sourced from a 95 hectare, family-run farm in the Cauca region in South West Colombia, this coffee is handpicked and wet processed the same day. We selected this lot for its rich, sweet cup and to impart its distinct blackcurrant notes and depth of sweetness into Fitzroy Street’s flavour profile.

Ruhora, Burundi - Ruhora is a part of a non-profit project called Akawa, and is a vibrant, juicy coffee which provides the blend with its bright acidity. W keep the roast profile of this coffee slightly lighter than the others to preserve these fantastic qualities.


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