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How To Clean & Maintain Your Espresso Machine

How To Clean & Maintain Your Espresso Machine
Keep your machine fresh!

Learn how to keep your La Specialista Opera in great working condition with regular cleaning and proper maintaining.

This video includes guides for cleaning the brew head, the grinder, the automatic tamping station, the machine exterior and the milk steam wand. It's important to regularly clean all parts of the machine, and there are a few tricks so please watch the video below: 

Cleaning The Grinder Chute

We wanted to make a special mention on cleaning the grinder chute! The grinder chute should be cleaned daily - or at least twice a week. This will ensure there is no build up of coffee (although ground coffee looks and feels dry, it's quite oily and sticky), if you ever notice that your machine sounds like its grinding but no coffee is coming it, it's very likely that the Grinder Chute is blocked. Your machine will also alert you with the blockage light if its time to clean the chute.

Using the wire brush tool provided, lift the small rectangular flap on the top of machine (this is located in front of the hopper, press down on the left-hand side first) and insert the wire brush down the chute ~10cm. You might see old coffee grounds drop out of the group head.

Cleaning a Blocked Filter Basket

From time to time, the filter baskets can get blocked with regular use. If minimal or no coffee liquid is being dispensed, it may be because there is a blockage or the baskets are not completely clean (this is particularly true for the pressurised Espresso Cool baskets). To remedy this, remove the filter sieve from the portafilter, and soak in descaling solution and warm water for ~5mins.

Cleaning the Steam Wand

The hole of the steam wand can get clogged - make sure when you wipe the steam wand clean (after each use) you wipe on the bottom as well as sides. If there still seems to be a blockage, use the cleaning tool to clear the hole if needed.

A Note on Dishwashers

Please don't put the filter holder or baskets in the dishwasher as this may affect the coffee taste. The drip tray, however, is dishwasher safe!

If you found this helpful, leave us a comment below. We're here to help via Live Chat down the bottom of the screen or send us an email at

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