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Making Coffee with The Magnifica Evo

Must-do tips and tricks for making delicious coffee!

Making Coffee with The Magnifica Evo

Read this before making your first coffee!

Now that you've set up your machine, we know you're itching to get brewing. Here's where we get a little more detailed with an overview of the steps involved in making a coffee on the Magnifica Evo.

We also have a guide to getting the best out of our All Time Espresso Blend, with our recommended starting point for settings on your machine. Check out the video, and read our tips below...


By now, you've unpacked your new machine and been through the setup steps as outlined in our previous videos. Now it's time to get brewing, here are the steps to making your first coffee!

We’ve given you an extra 250g of All Time Espresso for you to season and dial in your machine – you can use this to adjust your settings, make a few coffees and really get to know your
Magnifica Evo.

Before you make your first coffee...

Check your Milk Carafe:
Make sure the tube is well connected and carafe is filled to the right level, the sensor will detect if there is milk available.

Run a Clean Cycle:
If you’re a milk coffee drinker, attach the carafe and press the clean cycle before and after every coffee (this also helps to get warmer milk).

Adjust Coffee Strength:
The three bean icons indicate the coffee dose, select 1, 2 or 3 beans to change how strong your coffee is. 

Now it's time to get brewing....

Choose Your Coffee Style:

For Milk Coffees
– use the the Cappuccino setting, this pours coffee first, milk second - choose this if you usually drink a latte, flat white or cappuccino.

For Black Coffees choose from Espresso for a short black or espresso, or Coffee, for a long black style coffee.



To achieve a barista style coffee, we use the Cappuccino setting, you can also program this to suit your taste, and your favourite cup! Here’s how: 

  1. Press the “Cappuccino” button and hold until it changes from flashing slow to flashing fast (about 3 seconds)

  2. Coffee will start pouring automatically, press the  “Cappuccino” button again to stop when you are happy with it. You may want to taste a few options to get there!

  3. Milk will start pouring automatically (it takes a few seconds to start), press the “Cappuccino”  button again to stop milk at the desired level

  4. Your custom drink is now saved! Next time you make a coffee with the “Cappuccino” setting, it will brew to your preference.

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