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Exclusive Geisha varietal from Santa Felisa, Guatemala

In the Arabica family, Geisha is one of the most sought after varietals. Tracing it's origins to Ethiopia, Geisha can grow at very high altitude - the extreme conditions allowing the cherry to ripen slowly increasing its sweetness and complexity. Specialty-grade Geisha varietal typically yields a delicate cup profile characterised by sweet, floral notes. In the past Geisha plants were often avoided by coffee growers, as they are comparatively low yielding. With growing demand for exceptional coffee in the specialty market, however, many farmers have begun growing Geisha. This exceptional Geisha was grown and processed by Santa Felisa Estate in Guatemala.

In the shadow of the active volcano Fuego, Santa Felisa Estate is owned and run by fourth generation coffee farmers Antonio and Anabela Meneses (pictured below at the Geisha micro-plot at Santa Felisa). Our coffee buyer, Steven, spent time with the Meneses family in January and toured their very-well organised coffee estate and micro-mill. The farm is structured around growing single varietal microlots and their micro-mill processing is carried out with utmost care and precision. We’re proud to be presenting this Geisha coffee grown and processed by this friendly, hospitable family. Exclusive to Industry Beans, this Geisha microlot was grown at high altitude, and yields a complex, delicate and floral cup.

The Santa Felisa Geisha Microlot is now available to order at the online shop

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