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Our #1 Selling Espresso Blend

Our #1 Selling Espresso Blend

Fitzroy Street is the original signature espresso blend of Industry Beans, served in our Fitzroy, Chadstone & York St. Sydney cafes. It’s the beating heart of Industry Beans’ coffee program and a piece of history that we’ve continued to evolve over time into a modern, crowd-pleasing blend.

It’s our #1 best-selling blend, and our #1 recommendation if you’re new to making coffee at home. Read on for some more info and if you’re keen to give it a go, shop online to get brewing (with free shipping, of course!).

What's In The Blend?

Fitzroy Street is equally comprised of three single origins sourced from around the world:
33% Finca Churupampa, Peru
33% Palo Alto, Colombia
33% Duma, Kenya

Each season, we update the blend with fresh crop single origins, with the goal to keep the flavour profile consistent – so you know you’re always drinking fresh coffee, but it will always taste the same.

What Does It Taste Like?

Each component in the blend is a wonderful experience in its own right, and combined we get to enjoy a bright acidity, dark fruit notes and smooth finish. We’ve given Fitzroy Street tasting notes of blackcurrant, blood orange and chocolate.

While many will have our blend as a milk coffee (it makes a delicious flat white) we’re also partial to enjoying Fitzroy Street as an espresso or long black to fully appreciate the balance and complexity of flavours.

It’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser, and perfect for anyone that is looking for a versatile blend fit for any purpose.

How Do I Brew It?

Fitzroy Street tastes great a great espresso, plunger, stovetop, or as a stronger filter brew. We’ve included our recommended espresso recipe here, and if you want help with something else, hit us up on live chat or email us and we can chat you through it.

Recommended Espresso Recipe
Dose: 18g
Yield: 36g
Shot time: 26 – 30 seconds

A good extraction of our Fitzroy Street Blend will result in a complex, syrupy espresso with bright citric acidity up front giving way to juicy dark fruits and milk chocolate on the finish.

If you'd like to give Fitzroy Street a try, shop online for next business day roast & dispatch with free shipping. Your coffee will be with you before you know it, and you'll be enjoying a better morning coffee from there!

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