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Autumn Has Arrived

Autumn Has Arrived

The new season is here, and we're excited to share our new sweet and vibrant Autumn Blend with you! Keep scrolling to discover more about this coffee...

Each season, we source and roast a coffee that captures the season around us, and this Autumn, we've created a blend that satisfies the vibrancy and lingering sweetness of Autumn.

With a long round body and a balanced structure, this coffee is intriguing and somewhat adventurous, just like the season around us.

This year's Autumn Blend brings together two single origins from Colombia and Brazil.

The first component is Wilton Benitez, Colombia. This coffee was produced by Granja El Paraíso-92, a family farm that cultivates different varietals using highly innovative processes. This coffee contributes stonefruit notes and a tangy burst of acidity to the blend.

PS: You may remember the Geisha we recently sourced from Granja El Paraíso-92 - if you were lucky enough to try it, you'll know the quality this farm can produce!

The second component is Matilde, Brazil - a pulped natural lot that we sourced from Ricardo and Leonardo at Matilde farm, which is located in the mountainous Chapada de Minas region. It combines beautifully with the Colombian component, bringing a sugary sweetness to the blend.

Autumn Blend is perfectly balanced and sweet when enjoyed as a black coffee. When brewed with milk, it's a soft, creamy and moreish cup.

So however you like your coffee, we hope you'll join us in enjoying this delicious cup with us this season!

Head into our cafes in Autumn for a taste, or pick up a bag online for home brewing.

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