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We’ve enjoyed watching coffee drinking trends change over the years. Milks went from full cream, to skim, back to full cream, then soy, almond and oat, while filter has taken a long road through Siphon, Aeropress, Pourover and Batch Brew.

Right now, what we’re seeing and hearing is that coffee drinking doesn’t stop at 2, 3 or 4pm in Australian cities – it’s become an evening experience.

We’re delighted to help answer this demand by extending our weekday trading hours until 6pm in our city stores – Lt. Collins and York St.

Whether you’re looking for an espresso, a filter, a Bubble Cup, a soothing hot chocolate or chai, a perfectly brewed tea, a moment of space after a long day before the commute home, a caffeine kick before some late night shopping, or a (non-alcoholic) meet up with a friend… we’re here for you.

To celebrate, we’re offering our signature Coffee Bubble Cup for $5 (usually $7) between the hours of 5pm - 6pm until the end of November!

We hope you take the chance to join us in Melbourne or Sydney this month, there’s a Bubble Cup with your name on it.

Available exclusively through the Industry Beans App: Download Here.

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